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Message 39432 - Posted: 5 May 2010, 17:52:13 UTC
Last modified: 5 May 2010, 18:15:01 UTC

We have money available to hire an undergraduate researcher to work with the MilkyWay@Home project this summer. Candidates must be a US citizen or permanent resident and enrolled as an undergraduate in the Fall of 2010 at an accredited university. The position will last for 10 weeks and pay 6000$. Applicants should be willing to come to RPI for the summer to work with the project.

To apply, we'll need an unofficial transcript, CV or resume including the names and contact information of two references. Please send the information to astro [at]

Potential areas of research involve n-body simulation, GPU programming and web interfaces. We'll be considering applicants until Wednesday, May 12th.

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Message boards : News : Summer Research Opportunity at MilkyWay@Home

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