separation assimilator working again
separation assimilator working again
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Message boards : News : separation assimilator working again

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Message 43066 - Posted: 21 Oct 2010, 18:05:10 UTC

Had a pretty interesting bug last night which caused the separation assimilator to crash. The new versions of the applications were writing the search application multiple times to standard error, and the server was parsing what was between the first and the last , which threw a lot of messy stuff into the population logs of our searches and crashed everything. At any rate, it should all be resolved and working now.

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Message 43073 - Posted: 21 Oct 2010, 19:50:18 UTC - in response to Message 43066.

Thanks for the update Travis. Not every Boinc project has somebody conscientious enough to keep their volunteers notified of the problems and solutions.

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Message 43141 - Posted: 24 Oct 2010, 22:04:19 UTC

I agree with Bill !!!

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Message boards : News : separation assimilator working again

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