4 core units stop GPU
4 core units stop GPU
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Message 61824 - Posted: 2 Jun 2014, 19:21:31 UTC
Last modified: 2 Jun 2014, 19:22:54 UTC

A machine with a 4 core CPU and Nvidia GPU runs Milky Way, but i tell it not to run on any GPUs. Machine ID 315265. Lately, when running MilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation, it uses all 4 cores (which is OK), but whatever is running on the GPU is suspended until the MilkyWay unit is finished. Single core units don't do this. Since the CPUs can total less than 10,000 units a day total, while GTX 650 ti totals 130,000 units, this doesn't work for me. Is it likely that there's some setting that would let me run MilkyWay on CPUs only so that it doesn't shut down the GPUs? I tried telling it to use no more than 3 CPUs, but it ignored it. When i'm working on the machine, i can hear the fans spin down, telling me a new 4 core Milky Way unit has started.

At the moment, i've suspended MilkyWay@Home except on a 2 core laptop. The laptop has a feeble GPU, but it keeps crunching anyway (on other projects).

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Message 61828 - Posted: 2 Jun 2014, 22:05:34 UTC


Here is a post by Jacob Klein on using an app_config.xml to control the number of CPU's that an n-body will use. It is what I use.


Hope that helps.

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Message boards : Application Code Discussion : 4 core units stop GPU

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