New Version of Separation Modfit 1.34
New Version of Separation Modfit 1.34
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Message boards : News : New Version of Separation Modfit 1.34

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Message 62366 - Posted: 22 Sep 2014, 20:04:58 UTC

Hey all,

I just released a new version of separation today that is compiled against older glibc versions. The actual version number is 2.11 for glibc. This is the oldest that Ubuntu currently has on an active LTS. Users who experience errors due to the fact that their glibc versions are older than this should send me a message and I will give them instructions on how to compile the program for their own machines using their version of glibc. Otherwise, I changed the plan class we are using for our GPU versions to enforce a minimum OpenCL version. This will keep CAL cards from getting GPU work units from the server and reduce error rates and thus validation issues.

Sorry for the wall of text but essentially we have an older glibc and a new method for sending out GPU work units.

If there are any issues with this release please post them here and I will try to get back to you quickly.

Thank you all for your continued support,

Jake W.

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Message 62367 - Posted: 22 Sep 2014, 20:32:53 UTC - in response to Message 62366.

Sounds great. I will test out the new version. In the meantime, the feeder is "not running", so i cannot get any work.

Donald Qualls
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Message 62372 - Posted: 23 Sep 2014, 10:00:49 U