Nbody Status Update
Nbody Status Update
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Message 63771 - Posted: 25 Jun 2015, 16:28:41 UTC

Hey All,

Just a quick update on the status of Nbody. I discovered that the hanging that people were experiencing were due to the Newton Raphson root finding algorithm which would get stuck in an infinite loop. After looking for why this occurred for sometime, I decided to switch to a bisection method which is insured not to get stuck.

The slow nature of the initialization of the plummer was found to be an error in the calculation of one of the limits of integration in a crucial integral that was being calculated. What a time it was finding that! With that limit fixed, it seems that the initialization takes a few seconds!

I am currently unit testing the code and hopefully should get a lovely new version in a couple of weeks.


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Message 63788 - Posted: 7 Jul 2015, 10:20:06 UTC

Thanks for the update Sidd.
Looking forward to reactivating N Body simulations once you give the word.

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Message 63794 -