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1) Message boards : News : incoming badges (Message 60961)
Posted 4 Feb 2014 by Profile Clank [MM]
Thanks Travis, you saw what I was seeing.
2) Message boards : News : incoming badges (Message 60881)
Posted 31 Jan 2014 by Profile Clank [MM]
Little stuff, passed 40M, badge shows 10M. So my guess is totals are not retroactive or will it update at 50M? Other than that, excellent.
3) Message boards : News : Make-Up Credits to Run Wednesday and Thursday (Message 50337)
Posted 25 Jul 2011 by Profile Clank [MM]
Sorry, can't agree with you on this one. Who made up " make up credits " ? Every time credits are overdone it dilutes and diminishes all the other work that has been completed. There will always be crunchers who would make their own credits if they could. Yes they cost you nothing but the simple fact is your project was down and nothing is owed. Credits are not to be altered for good or bad, period. Otherwise there is no point to having them at all. Patrick
4) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Word Link IV (Message 26727)
Posted 30 Jun 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Work Availability? (Message 24004)
Posted 2 Jun 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
I like the update, don't change it. The reason my numbers are up is probably because the guys hitting under a minute have been backed off, good move. Patrick
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Work Availability? (Message 23905)
Posted 2 Jun 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
It seems the same, I'll repost in the morning, wii have a better picture. Patrick

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Milkyway has a new #1 team (Message 23806)
Posted 31 May 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
That's all I got to say except thanks to L'Alliance Francophone for being good sports about it.

Hey I'm getting there.

8) Message boards : Number crunching : Travis: Please set a minimum update interval (Message 17662)
Posted 5 Apr 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
Your right, and thanks for the chart. This one has some use. Average was 7-8 million then ramped up to 21 million and last fell back to 14 million after the incident.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Travis: Please set a minimum update interval (Message 17643)
Posted 5 Apr 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
Your being unrealistic if you think MW can supply enough work. There are not even 150 gpu's and the site is starving to give out work. How about 1500 or 15,000, how about 150,000. These are not unrealistic numbers. It's the power of the gpu that will prevent it from balancing. To say there is no problem is nothing more than ignoring the problem. It's already here. Gpu's are coming online far faster than MW will ever be able to supply. That's why daily averages are dropping. Any increase by MW will only create a rush for a piece of the pie. Other projects are not even close to helping this pressure. The issue here is gpu's will constantly outstrip supply. Also lets be realistic, Moore's law is a real pretty graph and it has NOTHING to do with this. Can I show you a graph that shows the changing color of the sky...You need gpu support from other projects and that is not even close to happening. The magnet at this point is MW. They were overwhelmed when there were only 70 gpu's. So it is nothing more than simple math. The point reduction theory is nothing more than an attempt to stop the flow of people moving to MW. Once supply is increased people will decide at the same time - Hey I'm getting a gpu so I can get some killer points. People will not make an investment unless they can see a return, hence it will be even worse at that stage. Finally you might want to look up the definition of an arms race. At this point if you want to be in the lead you have to throw money at the problem ( buy more gpu's )to get a larger share. I have no problem with an opinion or discussion to think out an issue but to pick apart what I said with absolutely nothing more than short blank statements and a pretty, unrelated gragh is nothing more than " hey look at me, I wanna argue, can I, can I please..." Let me give you an angle to argue, try this. Has anyone given any thought to the size of the internet pipe needed by MW to move a 1000 times the data they are moving now, how about 10,000? Now let's move to the server, staff and so on...Hell has anyone thought just how much work MW even has? I could go on and these are BASIC issues that do have answers ( I thought I would start with the easy ones .) Now look at the fact that people are already holding MW accountable for the lack of work because they bought a nice shiney card and they don't feel that they are getting their fair share. This is nothing more than being late to a game that already has too many players. Ya, there is no problem, won't be any problem in a month either. I knew I should have stayed out of the rabbit hole. Patrick
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Travis: Please set a minimum update interval (Message 17608)
Posted 5 Apr 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
As long as $170.00 can translate into almost 100k a day it's tough to see an end to the problem. If output is increased more people will buy gpu's. They are just waiting for the fix. Your looking at 1 gpu = 40 rigs. It's just to tempting of an offer from a cost per point value. It can only be balanced by lowering the point value per Wu. Otherwise you cannot stop the wave of gpu's that will emerge. Honestly if Wu's increase you don't think gpu's will be there. The reward is just too high. Remember, this is no different than an arms race....how much money you got? Patrick
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Travis: Please set a minimum update interval (Message 17607)
Posted 5 Apr 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
WOW, no Wu abuse going on here. For you guys who are whining, I have to respect Kevin for his input. I can't spend the money he can so more power to him. You will respect the fact that he warned EVERYONE this was going to happen. The effect you have now is the 200+ a day moving to MW. Guess what guys you were late to the game and it takes a toll on all of us. I was doing high 90's then 60k and now 50k on 1 4870. I see a pattern here...Oh well. If MW gets everything right it won't matter, the real rush will be on then. It will make this look like a light breeze compared to the hurricane that will follow once anyone can crunch 100k a day. SO UNDERSTAND IT CANNOT BE FIXED! the beast will keep growing because of the appetite for points. It's a shame too, I thought MW would open the door for gpu crunching and others would follow. The problem is it won't happen soon enough. More power to you Kevin, your personal investment is met with jealousy instead of respect. The rest of you are idiots for attacking him, I'm waiting to see how much he's got when the problem gets better.

I told this story to PB awhile ago.

When boinc was coming online Seti converted all classic workunits to boinc standards. A single Wu back then could take over a day to complete. In that time I had done 1111 classic Wu's, after conversion they were worth 2400 pts. It was like starting over and I quit for a few years after that. You have the same thing happening again. People that have been crunching for years I passed in a matter of DAYS. The gpu is the next evolution in crunching and yes it will make some feel that all that work was for nothing. A year from now the dust will settle. Older machines may finally be put to rest, who knows maybe not. The crunching will continue though and you need to do what you are comfortable with. If your goal is to have one of the top 100 scores, right now you need to be here. If you are into the science, those other projects still exist. Remember, the points don't mean ANYTHING but bragging rights, that's all. I like to have a pretty good score but I also pay respects to the other projects. When did this turn into life or death. Have fun with your friends and your team and help some colleges along the way. Later, Patrick
12) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Storytime - this is good (Message 17308)
Posted 2 Apr 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
Storytime is written by anyone who wants to participate. To add to the story post "I got next" at the end of the thread, this shows the time you started and tells everyone else to wait before adding to the story. Next, press edit on that post, remove - I got next - and write your addition to the story and repost. This works well if you can please take turns, if someone is next please wait and allow them their turn. Thanks, Patrick

As the air cleared I could see the monkey sitting on the rail. His hand held a small object that I could not make out. My head was still swimming from the beating that I took earlier. If only she had not been late...
13) Message boards : Number crunching : WU abuse (Message 16866)
Posted 25 Mar 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
Put this last thread into perspective. Scripts are easy use - monkey easy even. Did Milkyway embrace a script put it on it's homepage and tell everyone what a fantastic idea it was? no? I wonder why. It doesn't matter anyway, they are seperating cpu from gpu - WU wise , your scripts won't matter. signing off
14) Message boards : Number crunching : WU abuse (Message 16859)
Posted 25 Mar 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
Oh ya nickth, that last quote you trimmed to make your argument, it said:

By the way I have a gpu, was getting 98k, now 60k. The difference between you and I is I am actually here for the project. If I'm driving down the road, highways are faster than city streets and I'll use the highway but I'm smart enough to know it's not my highway, it belongs to everyone and your not first.

Next time quote me properly.

I was showing the loss made no diff to me, I won't cheat to make it up.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : WU abuse (Message 16858)
Posted 25 Mar 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
You guys can't be this stupid, I'm not complaining about the lower points I'm getting. I'm not even trying to get them back or use a script. It's amazing how you guys spun that around. Your the ones trying to maximize your points at the expense of the group. You really think that BS will float with anyone. You had no problem saying those things when there was NOTHING to support it, group idiots. The ONLY complaint here was about those who think that they are above the group. That they come first and on and on and on... I don't think I acted that way at all. Extra Ball you gotta be 10 years old with that mentality. Where did I say I wanted more points, where? My god your as dumb as the other 2. Holger how can I put this, I don't like people who are not satisfied with the rules. When you decide to do your own thing and it affects the group, I know your gonna keep doing it. I'm gonna call you on it just the same. Your not special, your sad. So twist what I said, it's the only way you can construct a reply.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : WU abuse (Message 16736)
Posted 24 Mar 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
You need some help nickth. Sell that garbage all you want you missed one big point. IT'S SHARED COMPUTING! overclocking, opt apps, stronger machines, gpu's,. None of that compares to what is going on here. Your script only helps YOU, while taking work away from the pool that is shared with everybody. It is like jumping ahead in line. Yes, gpu's have created a feeding frenzy for points, that's what's driving this. YOU can't afford to let your machines run dry? why? try explaining to me the " can't afford " part. YOU,YOU,YOU....oh my god get a life. Also what the heck does "alpha" have to do with no abuse. There is no relation. Are you just picking words at random and going "hey there's my argument, oh boy, oh boy". how about pickle or car or fuzzy bunny. Those are great arguments in your mind. The fact is there is a shortage compared to what can be absorbed. It should be shared evenly without YOU getting special treatment. Oh and one last thought, YOU DON'T know what the actual root problem is, none of us do. Gpu's are probably a good part of it, increased users rushing for quick points, idiots with scripts putting themselves first, opt apps and unforseen issues that the admins have to deal with. You made my day with the "can't afford" part I'm still laughing at it. By the way I have a gpu, was getting 98k, now 60k. The difference between you and I is I am actually here for the project. If I'm driving down the road, highways are faster than city streets and I'll use the highway but I'm smart enough to know it's not my highway, it belongs to everyone and your not first. Patrick
17) Message boards : Number crunching : WU abuse (Message 16092)
Posted 19 Mar 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
Why are machines going dead and not getting new WU's, even when there are WU's available. If you have people forcing reloads of new WU's they really need to be banned for the abuse. It's completely screwing up the WU reload for everyone else. If this is not the case does anyone else have thoughts on it. Patrick
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Milestones (Message 15446)
Posted 15 Mar 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
Funny stuff, those points feel ggoooodd don't they
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Adding a 4870 (Message 14007)
Posted 5 Mar 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
Thanks kevin, I guess my biggest concern is smoking something. If it rejects it I'll put it in another machine. I'll pm you at seti.Usa later today please read it's about something else. Patrick
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Adding a 4870 (Message 13955)
Posted 5 Mar 2009 by Profile Clank [MM]
Can I add a 4870 to a system that alread has an 8800 gtx? I want to keep the gtx for the display and use the 4870 only for crunching MW. Also I am running the current boinc, is there anyway to tell if the protected install is off or on. I know the default is off but where can I look to make sure? Thanks for the help. oh ya, I was going to use 9.1 and .19b. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Q6600, ultra 1000 ps, xp32

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