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1) Message boards : Application Code Discussion : 2 calculation at the same time (Message 56719)
Posted 4 Jan 2013 by Profile [AF>France] Fred VW
When I work on Milkyway @ home, my gpu is 65%. I would like to know how to make two calculations at the same time to use my gpu to 100%

I tried this app_info, but it does not work.

<app_info> <app> <name>milkyway</name> </app> <file_info> <name>milkyway_separation_1.02_windows_x86_64__opencl_amd_ati.exe</name> <executable/> </file_info> <app_version> <app_name>milkyway</app_name> <version_num>102</version_num> <platform>windows_x86_64</platform> <avg_ncpus>0.050000</avg_ncpus> <max_ncpus>0.050000</max_ncpus> <flops>355894309709.255130</flops> <plan_class>opencl_amd_ati</plan_class> <api_version>6.13.0</api_version> <coproc> <type>ATI</type> <count>1</count> </coproc> <gpu_ram>262144000.000000</gpu_ram> <cmdline>--gpu-wait-factor 0.33</cmdline> <file_ref> <file_name>milkyway_separation_1.02_windows_x86_64__opencl_amd_ati.exe</file_name> <main_program/> </file_ref> </app_version> </app_info>

Configuration of my computer

cpu: i5 750@2.67Ghz
gpu ATI 5850 1GB
ram: 4GB
Windows 7 64

thank you

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