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Wooden Shutters - What are they?

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These are solid, wooden coverings that are placed around the window frame and louvers. They are set within the measurements of the frame. In most case, there are two separate shutters that open on either side of the window. The louvers or slats are adjustable and have poles that are used in opening and closing them. Wooden shutters are thought to have originated from Greece before glass started being used as windows. They later spread to countries such as Italy and Spain. Wooden shutters like those found in s:craft have spread all over the world mostly in regions of warmer climates. They serve more purposes compared to blinds and curtains. Wooden shutters can be installed either as exterior shutters which serve decorative purposes or as interior shutters that are used for practical reasons.

Wooden shutters provide a sense of touch to a room and is a suitable choice for rooms that require privacy such as bathrooms. They look amazing and often tend to be expensive and require to be custom built to fit in various sizes of windows today. Wooden shutters use materials environment-friendly raw-materials such as engineered wood hence their manufacture process does not affect the environment. This is vital in prevention of environmental pollution since there is no emission of harmful gases such as the use of poly vinyl chloride materials.

Where can one get wooden shutters?

Companies dealing with wooden shutters have increased in number of late. There are various means that home-owners use to get the right company offering the best wooden shutters. Wooden shutters tend to be more expensive compared to synthetic shutters. However, most people prefer them since they have some added advantages. Some of the ways one can get places to buy these shutters include:


Currently, most people have access to the internet due to the technology advancement. The companies dealing with these wooden shutters post their products online. s-craft shutters are available in the internet. Use of appropriate key words and higher page ranking of your website by the search engine optimization is vital since the site will have more visitors that may later turn out to become potential customers. Most companies are using attractive keywords with long sentences that briefly explain what they are offering. Generally, online marketing has proven to be a suitable media to reach more customers even in the remote places which in most cases are not easily accessible.

Consult your friends and technicians

One can find places to buy these shutters by consulting your friends. Your friend can have an idea on where these products are sold. They could have in one way or another dealt with the shutters or know people who deal with the shutters. This offers you a variety of choices to choose the best wooden shutter. You are therefore able to choose the best and more genuine product. Technicians who are competent in the installation procedure of these shutters are also important people you can consult. These people have the expertise required and hence able to know which companies offer the best shutters compared to others. Shutters found in s-craft and other leading companies are some of those that offer shutters of higher quality at a reasonable price.


The media promotes awareness to the society. Moreover it is also used in advertising purposes. Due to the influx of many companies offering these shutters, they have devised ways on how they can reach their consumers. Advertising through is one of the means they are using. Wooden shutters vary in size, shapes and designs. Most companies are differentiating the product retaining but its original usage to meet on the needs of the customers. This is very common in s-craft. Therefore, if you want to get information on where to buy the wooden shutters, you can consider listening to your radio or watching your television.

What is the cost of wooden shutters?

The cost of wooden shutters varies with different manufactures. Moreover, there are different qualities of these shutters. The wooden shutters can be cheap, mid-priced and high priced. Cheap shutters in most cases are not durable and require some maintenance costs. Therefore, if you desire to have a wooden shutter with long life span, consider buying an expensive one. However, one needs to select the best manufactures like s-craft to avoid being frustrated later after learning the product is not what you really expected. Choosing a good shop offering the best wooden shutters will ensure that you money does not go to waste.

Mounting of wooden shutters

Once you have bought your wooden shutter, the next process is install. This may not be an easy task but it should not at all worry you. Some home owners install these shutters themselves without any help from trained personnel. Others seek technician who do for them the job at a considerable fee. Wooden shutters provide a unique architectural design to the window and hence there are required set standards that should be observed. These shutters provide treatment to the window. It is also recommended to seek advice from architectures who are well conversant with the dictates of the building design. Though the process of installation is somehow complex, it should not at all be too expensive.

What can one do to save on wooden shutter cost and its installation?

Have the correct measurements

Before buying a wooded shutter it is very important for you to have the right measurement that suit the particular window you want it installed with the shutter. This helps in saving the transportation cost that would been incurred on returning the shutter. You can consult an installer who will recommend you the right measurements for the wooden shutter you want to buy.

Carry out detailed research

Wooden shutters vary in sizes and designs. It is important to consider to carry out research on the wooden shutters available in the market. This can be done by use of the internet where most companies have posted their products. Carefully analyze, all the products and make the decision that suits your needs. Research involves even consulting installers who are expert in dealing with window shutters. They give you the terms different sellers provide. s-craft wooden shutters have warrant conditions that make most customers prefer them.
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