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Last updated 19 May 2018, 15:55:03 UTC

[AF>Libristes>Jip] otax ("Hello !! I'm French, 50, married with Japanese woman since 4 years. I have a daughter who...")
Plum ("I wish mission complete, KAGUYA (SELENE). Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)")
Alien ("it does not matter where but where we are going as humanity")
Aria Pokoteng
Sheryl Nome - Ranka Lee _ Takara Miyuki - Touhouin Shizuka is loved - Belonging macross galaxy / macross frontier ("List when being operating phenom Series Phenom X4 9750 2.40Ghz / MilkyWay Phenom X4...")
Kazuya Kishi ("PhenomII X4 940BE / 9800GTX+ / Main PC PhenomII X4 905e / HD4850 / BOINC PC PhenomII X4...")
hirano@wakasu-zenkai ("i7-920(3.3GHzOC/Water-cool) / HD5970(920MHzOC/Water-cool) / Main...")

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