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Message 44198 - Posted: 24 Nov 2010, 21:54:41 UTC - in response to Message 44005.  

I'm doing some Cosmology@Home (Who's boards are even quieter than here)

until I find out MilkyWay has fixed Completed CPU Work Granted Credits or Credit is Pending until another CPU can Validate.

(I might be a MW Minority Group using only the CPU but I can't be the only one)

that or SETI@Home Returns

-- To Summarise --

I would like to know what's happened at MW over the last month or perhaps what about to happen over the next few weeks.

I'd started returning Completed MW WUs at the start of November everything looking fine.

Then About 10/11 November I suddenly got fewer credits for returning completed work (have been returning 4-6 WUs a Day [within deadline])

Camerons Daily Milkyway Granted Credit for November 2010

I want to know Why I've had nearly two weeks of historically consistant CPU WU Returned Milky Way Credit Granted (which I'm happy with) and then overnight suddenly the granted credit drop (I've been returning completed CPU Workunits)

The reason best I can tell is that the tasks that are generated after I return my WU that has been crunched by my CPU are taken by GPUs and they form the quorum.

You should visit the C@h Word link. Every project deserves activity:)

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