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1) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : GLIBC version (Message 920)
Posted 4 Dec 2007 by saccia
As an aside, you may way to consider trying to upgrade your distro. Even the official BOINC client (5.10.21) no longer supports anything below glibc 2.4. The official BOINC changed sometime around the late releases of 5.8.x. Mainly it was done to coincide with their updated compiler which gave some pretty good enhancements to the benchmarks that made the benchmarks more in line with those on Windows platforms. I would think that a lot more apps in the future will start being compiled on newer gcc and glibc versions to get these improvements in the science apps themselves.
2) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Milkyway@Home 1.07 (Message 465)
Posted 15 Nov 2007 by saccia
My Linux machines are happily crunching away. I've got it running on Red Hat Enterprise Desktop 5.1 (which I believe is based on FC7). I've also got it running on a couple of Gentoo boxes. They all seem to be cruising along just fine.

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