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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Is there a server-limited maximum at 100 CPU workunits? (Message 69424)
Posted 6 Jan 2020 by EXT64
I recently ran into an issue while running cpu separation work units: it does not seem possible to download more than 100 WU concurrently.
Attempting to buffer more than 100 the server returns a "no new work available" message for the CPU slot, however it will always download new work units as they finish to keep the total buffer at around 99-100. This even occurs on a large host with more than 100 hardware threads (meaning it's impossible to run a full set of cpu separation threads).
(No such issues with GPU separation units--can easily buffer 200-300.)
Am I correct in assuming this is a server-side limit imposed on max downloads? If so, would it be possible to increase this?

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