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1) Message boards : News : Database Maintenance 9-4-2014 (Message 67773)
Posted 5 Sep 2018 by ProfileWisesooth
IMHO, the database server seems to be the weakest link in your system. A DBMS is the most processor and storage intense application in a system like this. RPI really needs a server with enough cores and solid-state memory to handle the throughput required to manage a grid computing environment, especially if the DBMS is enforcing referential integrity. Intel might give RPI some hardware help if they ask.
Yes, I know you think "Yes, we already know that." However, do the people with the purse know that? If they are not listening, maybe forwarding this message might get their attention. Overloaded servers breakdown at the most inconvenient times. The cost and time of RPI's most talented people should be considered in the total cost of ownership.
2) Message boards : News : Scheduled Server Maintenance 3/27 (Message 67279)
Posted 27 Mar 2018 by ProfileWisesooth
Hello Jake,
I am an Intel partner with history of server builds for clients. I do not have enough information to give you precise advice, so the following may not be applicable to your situation.
Processor sockets can sometimes be fixed with an alcohol swab if accidentally touched by human hands or gunked up with processor grease. Those contacts and the immediate neighborhood must be "squeaky clean." Also, processor grease is not a commodity item. I use processor grease with silver powder inside (sparingly) for servers destined for extreme use. Of course, broken or bent pins cannot be fixed. If this is the case, the motherboard is toast. When a motherboard needs replacement, they don't make them any more. That means the processors, RAM, power supply and other stuff needs replacement because it is not compatible with newer boards currently in production. Now that 14 nanometer technology is the new normal, nothing older than 3 years has the correct operating voltage. If you find a "legacy" replacement board, remember this. You don't know where it has been.
3) Message boards : News : Scheduled Server Maintenance 2/21 (Message 67131)
Posted 23 Feb 2018 by ProfileWisesooth
The database server app is generating database errors. It is not receiving work or responding to user-requested updates. This has been going on for hours.
4) Message boards : News : Repealing Net Neutrality Could Affect MilkyWay@home (Message 66884)
Posted 24 Dec 2017 by ProfileWisesooth
What does Canada have to do with U.S. net neutrality? I am curious.

BTW, repeal of net neutrality just transfers jurisdiction back to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC, not FCC). This agency is protected by the U.S. Constitution's enumerated power of Congress (not the Administrative Branch) to regulate interstate commerce.

The Net neutrality law was an unconstitutional power grab by the Administrative branch from the Congressional Branch of the U.S. government. The President of the United States (POTUS) justified the grab by claiming that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were public utilities.

Did you all know that the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) owns Comcast? Indirectly, the FCC has reach into Comcast, Time Warner and Verizon. If an ISP misbehaves, the FTC could use the Clayton Act (an antitrust law) to cite the ISP for restraint of trade. Defense lawyers love antitrust laws. It is a cash cow that ruins an ISP's bottom line for years. Plaintiffs get triple damages if they win the case. ISPs know that.
5) Message boards : News : New Team Creation Requirement (1 Credit Awarded) (Message 66856)
Posted 15 Dec 2017 by ProfileWisesooth
You might consider reporting the more aggregious spammers to the FBI via spam@uce.gov
Also, ISPs subscribe to special services they use to block incoming URLs on their black list. If you get the URLs on their black list, they do not even get through the ISPs to your site.
6) Message boards : News : Repealing Net Neutrality Could Affect MilkyWay@home (Message 66855)
Posted 15 Dec 2017 by ProfileWisesooth
We might find a better solution to the problem with the anti-trust laws, particularly the Robinson-Pattman Act of 1933. This act deals with discrimination against the customer. This law has triple damages built within the statute and class actions are allowed.
7) Message boards : News : Repealing Net Neutrality Could Affect MilkyWay@home (Message 66841)
Posted 12 Dec 2017 by ProfileWisesooth
This net neutrality issue was never about neutrality. Instead, it was a step toward nationalization of the US Internet leading to a national firewall like China (PRC). If anyone thinks that the FCC is neutral about anything and above corruption, they need to study their history. The FCC is an agency of the US Administrative Branch led by the President, not Congress. That gives the President the power to monitor, control and censor electronic communication without oversight or accountability. It also provides an irresistible urge by Congress to tax its use, just like they did to the phone system. Human nature predictably cannot handle that much power.
We need a better solution that works with imperfect people at the helm. We are not even close to a solution to the problem because we have not properly defined the problem. A bureaucrat's only competition is another bureaucrat.
The surest way to make the new system cost more than the old is to pioneer the wrong thing. The surest way to lose in poker or blow a budget to smithereens is to throw good money after bad trying to fix an unworkable solution. The surest way to make a system fail is to allow a politician to design it.
Fairness and neutrality are like beauty. Its metrics lie within the opinion of the beholder.
As Redbeard might say. "Matey, ye be warned."
8) Message boards : News : Clearing the Queue (Message 66723)
Posted 21 Oct 2017 by ProfileWisesooth
"To err is human; to forgive is not company policy." Is that how it goes?

Let's plant our personal feelings aside and look at the problem. Once we discover what is wrong and what is right, let us help these budding academics instead of rejecting them as a person.

1. These points and "attaguy" badges are worth nothing but bragging rights. That stuff is for gamers, not us.
2. "No more work" will not help them clear the queue. It just postpones a solution to the problem.
3. The nature of the work they do is heuristic, not deterministic, which does not guarantee convergence. Third-order differential equations are difficult to solve. Tensors are even more difficult to solve. Let's cut these people some slack, shall we?
4. We have the option to abort what comes in by user. Let's do that.
5. Sidd and Jake, have you considered a "cleaner" project? This could initiate an algorithm to identify and compile a profile of tasks to kill and then automatically initiate an "abort by user" message. Those of us who want to help you clear the queue could add the cleaner project to their list of projects. That would clear the queue. When tasks stop coming in, shutdown the cleaner project.
9) Message boards : News : Bad Runs Over the Weekend (Message 66654)
Posted 19 Sep 2017 by ProfileWisesooth
BOINC upgraded to 7.8.2 at about the time this started happening. Coincidence?
10) Message boards : News : Server Maintenance (Message 66511)
Posted 3 Jul 2017 by ProfileWisesooth
The prior pose recorded 44 cores. I meant 4 cores. My keyboard stutters at times.
11) Message boards : News : Server Maintenance (Message 66510)
Posted 3 Jul 2017 by ProfileWisesooth
I caught the same error messages I found before the bundling remedy. The database server was overwhelmed again, even with bundling. I removed nbody from my active project list in my preferences to avoid complications. One of the high-volume projects (IBM's World Community) had a two-day outage. Those clients running both IBM and milkyway projects got a huge bump in milkyway runtime for a week because IBM gradually "trickled up" the uploaded work for at least three more days. Also, something is unstable in the nbody code. I had to abort a job that ran for over a day while it tied up 44 cores with no discernible progress. Hope this helps.
12) Message boards : News : New Release 1.64 (Message 66391)
Posted 6 May 2017 by ProfileWisesooth
I am getting lots of compute errors. Validate tasks from other users are having the same problem. Last I looked at my task results, I had 28 errors. I just suspended Milky Way project on all machines. Jake, you have my contact info. Let me know when this is fixed.
13) Message boards : News : Scheduled Maintenance Concluded (Message 65947)
Posted 23 Nov 2016 by ProfileWisesooth
I am not getting new work units. Did someone turn off the spigot?
14) Message boards : News : Updated Server Daemons and Libraries (Message 65350)
Posted 29 Sep 2016 by ProfileWisesooth
I Increased preferences about HD use from 40 to 80 and updated BOINC manager before I returned here to post this message.
BOINC Mgr reports:
Used by BOINC 15.91 MB Used by milkyway 9.9 MB Used by other programs 27.74 GB Free but not available to BOINC is 823.22 GB
This machine has 16 GB RAM and has a 1 TB Seagate hard drive. Uses Win 10 64-bit OS with Intel i7 processor. The only BOINC task running on this machine is milkyway at home. My profile currently shows over 50 tasks with computational errors. Other users are reporting the same errors on these tasks.

My other machines are running single CPU tasks with no errors on non-milkyway projects. Hope this helps you. BTW, have you considered the possibility that BOINC, not milkyway, is causing this problem? After all, the only project I know about on BOINC using all available threads on a single task is milkyway.
15) Message boards : News : Updated Server Daemons and Libraries (Message 65317)
Posted 27 Sep 2016 by ProfileWisesooth
My preferences exclude GPU work. My machines use Intel 6-gen processors with GPU on die. However, I am still getting computation errors on 8-thread tasks, but a lot less than before now. Other crunchers that run these tasks also abort with computation errors, so the issue is repeatable with up to three additional and different users. I am getting no computation errors from another BOINC project unrelated to milkyway.

This leads me to believe that the cause is data driven, not a code error, and in need of defensive programming to avoid the problem. If one or more subroutines (or threads) are sequentially bound, and the prerequisite thread does not complete before another thread needs to use its results, the consequences are predictable (all bad). The most common computational error is a zero-divide error. If the prerequisite thread is supposed to return an address location, it could produce a computation error if it references a location that is either protected or out of bounds.

I have not coded anything in years, but remember the pain. Hope this helps you to look in the right places.
16) Questions and Answers : Windows : Computation errors (Message 65067)
Posted 24 Aug 2016 by ProfileWisesooth
I just noticed that I have over 40 tasks aborted due to computation error. My other BOINC project shows no computation errors. These are not GPU errors. I am not overclocking my CPUs and have no thermal problems. Most but not all of the aborts are mt tasks. One of them took 54 hours before it aborted.
17) Message boards : News : Windows 32-bit Application Release (Message 64972)
Posted 3 Aug 2016 by ProfileWisesooth
Did anyone tweak the 64-bit software affecting Windows 10 Intel systems? If not, Microsoft did a number on themselves. I tried a Windows Solitaire Collection challenge while BOINC was running in the background. Solitaire app randomly aborted. When I suspended BOINC masnager, it still happened. When I changed my account preferences and disabled BOINC use of the GPU, it still happened. When I restarted the machine without bringing up BOINC manager, Solitaire behaved itself. I exited solitaire gracefully and launched the BOINC manager.
I usually pick on a game to test compatibility because this is where people get careless with getmains and freemains. Some even try to do recursive calls.
Hope this helps you.
18) Message boards : News : MilkyWay@home Linux 32-bit Version 1.37 (Message 64830)
Posted 7 Jul 2016 by ProfileWisesooth
The feeder server is down. All of my tasks are ready to report. What's happening?
19) Message boards : News : Nbody Release 1.60 (Message 64539)
Posted 7 May 2016 by ProfileWisesooth
Hello Sid,
Reference UID 1028971 Task 1584882935 sent 4 May 20:16:12 UTC
Reported/expired 6 May 4:40:20 UTC on my machine 683929
Task consumed run time 90:487:50 CPU: 337,941.60
This is a 4 month old machine with an Intel i5-6000 3.30 GHz CPU and 8 GB RAM on board.
Hope this helps you. Wisesooth
PS: I did some design work on your GO button. Did Heidi share it with you?
20) Message boards : News : Nbody Release 1.54 (Message 64104)
Posted 16 Nov 2015 by ProfileWisesooth
Sounds familiar. I fat fingered my mouse when it happened to hover over "Send no more work" button when I first started. Check if you have something wrong in your global preferences.

If you are on the BOINC Basic window, click on ADVANCED. Next, click on the PROJECTS button at the top. It will show a list of projects you chose to run. Click on the Milkyway project to highlight it. A pane will show on your left. Go to the Milkyway home page (the bottom button). Once you are there, scroll down until you see PROFILES and launch that. Look on the bottom of the next screen and select "My Account." (NOTE: I did not design this.)

You will see two preference buttons. You want to open "Preferences for this project." The next screen shows a list of task types you gave permissions to download. They have check boxes on the left of each task type. If none of them are checked, that is your problem. Look for a tiny "edit" button and select it. Now you can check the boxes for the task types you want to run. Click on SAVE and close the page. That should get you back to the PROJECT window. Click on UPDATE (the top button). When it finishes doing its thing, click on the TASKS pane. Hopefully, you will see Milkyway tasks flowing into your list.

Hope this helps you, and thank you for crunching for milkyway.
A fellow cruncher,

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