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Posted 8 Apr 2015 by Profile pons66

Once again, SETI.Germany invites all BOINC teams to the BOINC Pentathlon. For the sixth time, the winner is battled out in five disciplines at five projects between May 5 and May 19.

After the introduction of Marathon and Sprint in the last couple of years, there will be a new discipline in this year, again. Details will be announced prior to the beginning of the Pentathlon, for now I can reveal that it will run for at least five days at a CPU project.

Each team that wants to participate has to sign up using the registration form at http://www.seti-germany.de/boinc_pentathlon/anmeldung.php until April 27. The teams may suggest one GPU project and three CPU projects, please see this page for details.

All information is available on the Pentathlon page at http://www.seti-germany.de/boinc_pentathlon/22_en_Welcome.html, while you can find the answers to many questions in our FAQ.

Each team signing up for the BOINC Pentathlon (possible until 27st of April) can suggest one GPU project and three different CPU projects.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Pentathlon! :)

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