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Posted 6 Aug 2016 by Shmya-2
Hey Shmya-2,

That would be fantastic! Just let me know where to link to the translated page or send us the translated text and we can put together a new page.

Thank you for the offer.

Jake Weiss, I've finished this work and sent text file (.docx)

2) Message boards : News : New Look for the Science Page (Message 64947)
Posted 27 Jul 2016 by Shmya-2
Hey, Jake Weiss :)

I'm going to finish science page translation at this weekend.

Then I'll send you text file :)

RNagibovich, Crystal Dream.
3) Message boards : News : New Look for the Science Page (Message 64929)
Posted 22 Jul 2016 by Shmya-2
Hello Crunchers,

I would like to announce a new look for our science page. In an attempt to bring the style of the science page more in line with that of the rest of the webpage, we did a visual overhaul of the page.

In addition to the visual reformatting, I did a lot of back-end reformatting of the page which should allow us to more easily edit it in the future. This is just the first step in our attempt to make the science page more interesting, complete and reader friendly. Look for a content update on the page to come in the new few weeks.

If you guys have anything you would like to see included on the page, or any general questions about the science we are doing with the project, feel free to post them here.

Happy Crunching,


Do you need any help in translation?
How about Russian laungage?
I'm ready to help and translate this page :)

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