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1) Message boards : News : Separation Project Coming To An End (Message 75555)
Posted 15 Jun 2023 by wujj123456
I would not say that the goal of GPU users is to "gain large amounts of credit quickly". that's a pretty large mischaracterization in my opinion.

most, if not all, of us use GPUs because they are massively more power efficient for the work being done. hundreds or thousands of times more work done per watt than CPUs when properly coded/optimized. since most of us pay for our own electricity to donate free compute resources, it makes sense that people will go for a power efficient device.

Or people like me that buy hardware for other purposes but would rather let them do useful work instead of idling... Sure, at cost of paying (a lot) more for electricity, but that's just another form of donation. That's kinda the original pitch of boinc, though people bother to show up on forums are probably more dedicated. :-)

If I exclude math projects that I don't have much interest in, the number of CPU projects aren't that abundant these days either, so I am glad there will still meaningful work to do here.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Experiment - Ryzen 5 7600x - GNU/Linux - anybody yet - GO / no GO (Message 74912)
Posted 15 Jan 2023 by wujj123456
Sensors are there from 6.0 kernel, so one just needs a newer kernel. Unfortunately, even Ubuntu 22.10 didn't make the cut, but Fedora and Arch should be good. I finished my build in mid-Dec last year and sensors all worked with Arch out of the box.

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