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1) Message boards : Number crunching : What is supposed to be the total run time on N-Body Simulation tasks? (Message 68169)
Posted 3 days ago by Link
It has also stayed at 75.130% complete for a week or more now.

Than it is probably stuck. Restart your BOINC client (or the computer if that's easier) and it should continue. If the WU is over the deadline, check if the server is still waiting for your result, it the WU has been completed and validated for two other computers, you can abort it.

EDIT: is it this WU: 1717972366?
If yes, you can probably abort it (or try to be faster than the other person and get the credit if you want). In the feature, if a WU does not show any progress for few seconds, always check in the task manager if it's using CPU, if it's not, restart your BOINC client (or pause and resume the WU if you don't have the setting to keep them in memory when paused).
2) Message boards : Number crunching : more workloads. (Message 68147)
Posted 9 days ago by Link
There are server side limits on how many WUs you can have on your computer: Micromanaging CPU vs GPU Workunit Limits.
Also it's not a good idea to have 20 days of work stored on your computer, when the deadlines here at Milkyway are just 12 days. If you could get that many WUs, your BOINC client would abort many of them, since it wouldn't be able to start them before the deadline.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : What is supposed to be the total run time on N-Body Simulation tasks? (Message 68094)
Posted 19 days ago by Link
The runtimes for n-Body WUs are very different for each WU. I've seen up to 530000 CPU seconds on my i3 running at 1,4GHz. No need to abort them.
4) Message boards : News : Micromanaging CPU vs GPU Workunit Limits (Message 68067)
Posted 26 days ago by Link
By definition here at MW N-Body wu's are multi-core wu's.

No, there's also a single core N-Body application, see applications page.
5) Message boards : News : Micromanaging CPU vs GPU Workunit Limits (Message 68065)
Posted 27 days ago by Link
cpu and gpu is too much wats...need to choose something one.

You can choose that already in your MilkyWay@Home preferences.
6) Message boards : News : Micromanaging CPU vs GPU Workunit Limits (Message 68064)
Posted 27 days ago by Link
You do know you can turn each kind off individually in the settings...right?

Run only the selected applications MilkyWay@Home: yes
MilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation: no

But that doesn't select between single-core and multi-core N-Body, does it?

Yes it does, if you unselect the "N-Body Simulation" units you won't get any more multi-core wu's, on the other hand if you unselect the "MilkyWay@Home" units then you won't get any more single core wu's.

No, it does not. With "MilkyWay@Home: yes", you will get single core MilkyWay@Home WUs (they are all single core), but not single core MilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation WUs.
7) Message boards : News : Micromanaging CPU vs GPU Workunit Limits (Message 68052)
Posted 21 Jan 2019 by Link
Boinc itself won't fill the remaining cores with wu's because the setting is 3 cores per wu! That's a very inefficient way to run a pc!!

As descibed above the current mix of single core and multi core WUs is very inefficient as well, in some cases you may end up with just one core in use.

If you do I think alot of people will leave MW, I personally hate running multi-core wu's as they never seem to work well with other projects when you guys for example run out of work.

Well, the current situation is even more a reason to search for some other work for the CPU, I mean right now milkyway nbody does not even work well with itself. But my initial idea was to give the users the possibility to choose the application since I know the complains from number crunching forum about the mt application.
8) Message boards : News : Micromanaging CPU vs GPU Workunit Limits (Message 68048)
Posted 19 Jan 2019 by Link
Would that work?

Yes, at least with BOINC v7 clients (not sure starting from which version exactly), older clients will let the application use all cores. At least that what I have seen with v 6.10.18 and v6.12.34. The BOINC client I use now, v7.12.1, starts the mt application with as many thraeds as it is allowed to use, it will only use too many cores, if some single core tasks are running.

I'm not sure if the server will send the multi core application to computers that are allowed to use just one core, but probably yes since it was still sending single core WUs to my laptop even if according to my app_config they were using more cores than BOINC was allowed to use (this information is passed to the server in sched_request_milkyway.cs.rpi.edu_milkyway.xml). And the BOINC client also didn't care that the WU used 8 CPUs even if I allowed to use only 2.

So yes, I think that will work not be worse than now... I mean, if some problems occur, you can always return to two different applications.
9) Message boards : News : Micromanaging CPU vs GPU Workunit Limits (Message 68045)
Posted 18 Jan 2019 by Link
Can you explain a little more about what you want? Is there a reason you would prefer to run say 5 or 6 single-core runs instead of 1 multi-core run on 6 cores?

No, I'd like to run just one multicore nbody WU on all 4 cores of my i3 and no single core WUs at all.

With BOINC v6, after starting a single core WU the client wouldn't start another single core WU unless it's the next one in the queue and let the other cores idle, since there were not enough cores for the multi-core WU, which wants all of them.

BOINC v7 starts the multi core WU together with the single core, but with 4 threads (or for example 2 threads if I allow it only to use 50% of CPUs), so it's using actually more cores than it's allowed to, it runs the multi core taks like there was no single core task running. Not a real issue in my case, however I can imagine this can be an issue for people, who need to keep some CPU cores free to feed their GPUs.

If you need more details, just ask. I tried getting only multicore WUs with the help of app_config.xml, but it didn't work.

EDIT: like Jim1348 said, nothing wrong with any of the WU types, just mixing them isn't good.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : less cpu's per task (Message 68041)
Posted 18 Jan 2019 by Link
You can use app_config.xml, see Project-level configuration.

This should work:

<cmdline>--nthreads 4</cmdline>
11) Message boards : News : Micromanaging CPU vs GPU Workunit Limits (Message 68040)
Posted 18 Jan 2019 by Link
Regarding n-body WUs: is there any hope, that we might get the possibility to choose wether we want to get multi core or single core tasks? Right now we have to use annonymous platform for this, but that means no automatic updates for the application.
12) Message boards : News : New Separation Runs (Message 67997)
Posted 9 Jan 2019 by Link
Is there a way to specify in app_config.xml or app_info.xml so my machine will only pull and download the bundle4_4 WUs?

No, both use the same application.
13) Message boards : News : Nbody release v1.74 (Message 67985)
Posted 5 Jan 2019 by Link
I get one the is fine, finishes in 35 mins the next one that's running 12 cpu cores and takes 36hrs.

Very different run times are normal for n-Body, just don't abort them and eventually decrease your cache size since you have some "Not started by deadline - canceled" WUs. You have an average turnaround time of over 7 days, for some of the applications even almost 10 days, that's way to high for Milkyway.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Disable single core n-Body with app_config.xml? (Message 67983)
Posted 4 Jan 2019 by Link
OK, so this isn't working at all, the firts thing I got were two single core tasks. Apparenty the server thought it is a great idea to send tasks to my computer, which will use 4x more CPUs than BOINC is allowed to use...

Back to app_info.xml I guess...

There really schould be some <disable_app_version> tag in the app_config.xml file.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Only one WU per Computer ? (Message 67979)
Posted 3 Jan 2019 by Link
Well, AFAIK there are 3 ways to get just one WU per device:
- very small cache, something like 0.0+0.0 days
- <fetch_minimal_work> in cc_config.xml
- resource share = 0, i.e. backup project

That's at least, what comes to my mind right now...
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Disable single core n-Body with app_config.xml? (Message 67977)
Posted 3 Jan 2019 by Link
I will post the result when I know if it works or not. After removing app_info.xml I first had to get some single core tasks before BOINC will accept anything about that in the app_config.xml. So now I have to complete them, than change the avg_ncpus value to 8, and than we will see what the server thinks about that. The BOINC client doesn't really care about it, it runs the tasks anyway, even if I don't allow it to use that many CPU cores in preferences.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Disable single core n-Body with app_config.xml? (Message 67973)
Posted 30 Dec 2018 by Link
While I'm waiting for the computer to finish all cached tasks, ist that something that is worth trying on a 4 core CPU?

<cmdline>--nthreads 4</cmdline>

What's the plan_class of the single thread application?
And do I need the <cmdline> tag at all if I want to use all cores?
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Disable single core n-Body with app_config.xml? (Message 67972)
Posted 29 Dec 2018 by Link
Since the project does not offer the possibility to choose which type of n-Body application we want to run, I was thinking about how this can be done. The only way I found here in the forums was using app-info.xml (anonymous platform), which works great, however that means no automatic updates of the application.

Now I looked at the Project-level configuration and wondered if that could be used. Something like setting <avg_ncpus> for the single core application above whats actually there. Has anybody tried that? Other ideas?
19) Message boards : News : Database Maintenance 12-18-2018 - Beginning (Message 67955)
Posted 20 Dec 2018 by Link
The database is going down for a brief period.

Not sure if you know it, but the database seems to be down every day around 8-12 AM UTC. There's a thread in number crunching about this: http://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/forum_thread.php?id=4360.
20) Message boards : News : Nbody release v1.72 (Message 67926)
Posted 5 Dec 2018 by Link
Please let me know if there are any issues.

Well, no errors so far, but the mix of (mt) and non-(mt) tasks causes lots of idle time on my CPU, so it would be good if we could choose in the preferences which one we would prefer to use. If there's a single core task running, BOINC will even not start another already downloaded single core task unless it's the next one in the list (or I manually suspend all mt tasks between those two).

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