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1) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Milestones III (Message 41517)
Posted 16 Aug 2010 by ProfileKevint


One Billion MW

2) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Vs. CPU WU (Message 41163)
Posted 30 Jul 2010 by ProfileKevint

Same as far as I know
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Milkyway on cpu (Message 40968)
Posted 17 Jul 2010 by ProfileKevint
If you go into the project prefernces you can set what hardware the project is allowed to use. So you would want to set MW with the CPU enabled and Nvidia/ATI disabled. On Seti you would disable CPU and enable the Nvidia GPU.

To set how many wu are cached then you go to BOINC and under the Advanced tab click on "preferences". Under that you find Network Usage and there you can setup the "additional work buffer" for the number of days you want to buffer. With the extremely poor reliability of Seti I would suggest you set it fairly high!

That should do what you are trying to accomplish.
4) Message boards : News : testing new validator (Message 38107)
Posted 5 Apr 2010 by ProfileKevint
On another note, does anyone know if the 48xx or the 58xx ATI GPU is the one validating correctly vs the stock application?

Here is as host that I have switched from Stock to opti back to stock.. both apps see to be having problems.
5870 - single card, no overclock.

5) Message boards : News : testing new validator (Message 38105)
Posted 5 Apr 2010 by ProfileKevint

I'm not using an optimized app, I'm using what is given to me by the project. I have NEVER before had invalid results, after the "upgrade" I was getting many.


I stopped using the opti apps (except for the CPU) several weeks ago..

I am getting hundreds of invalids.. none of my cards are overclocked everything stock.

So, how do you intend to correct this? If 1 or 2 hosts in the quorum are using stock apps but are returning invalid results, could there be something wrong with the stock app and not the validation?
6) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Boycott Walmart - (Message 37816)
Posted 28 Mar 2010 by ProfileKevint
Walmart keeps doing these things, and it seems that they keep getting away with it.

About 18 months ago, they denied health insurance for an employee who got in an auto accident, they wanted this woman to pay back the medical insurance they had paid her because she was now getting insurance from the government. It nearly broke the family. Outrageous! it made CNN news, there were thousands of us that jumped on it, and started a national boycott, I don't know if you guys remember but I changed my name to BOYCOTT WALMART at the time. It was after the boycott and the bad press they started loosing money in their stores, they decided to allow the woman to keep the insurance money. Opps -

Now they are at it again , and again -



WalMart pulled a major bonehead move this week when it sacked a cancer patient -- a former Associate of the Year -- for following his doctor's advice and using medical marijuana, which is perfectly legal in Michigan. As a direct result, medical marijuana advocates are now organizing a nationwide boycott of the retail giant.

Did you get that - a former Associate of the Year. His firing had nothing to do with his performance, or an illegal act, just one of stupidity and the blindness of human suffering. Every time a corporation becomes too big to notice the suffering of those that help build it, it is time for them to have a wake up call.


Walmart is NOT good for America, is not good for anyone. It needs to go down. It has become the bully on the block. It helps no-one. It kills local economies, and it's low price everyday, is killing the small guys. Those that supply goods and services to Walmart are fucked because they must be so competitive, that only the big players can be suppliers. It had destroyed more small business's than you can count, both in the store front, and in the supply chains.

Walmart bullies isself into communities, opens up a store, the smaller mom and pop places that have been there for years are forced to close because they can no longer compete, and then Walmart, the nice people they are, will employee those same people they forced out of work for $12.00 an hour. And Walmart comes out looking like a hero, because they are providing employment! What a bunch of fucked up shit that is!

It is hard for me to boycott Walmar anymore than I already am.
I will NEVER shop and Walmart, the last time I set foot in a Walmart for shopping was over 10 years ago, and I am doing just fine without them.

WAKE UP AMERICA! TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY - no need to outsource thousands of jobs to these big companies. Start to employ American Citizens with jobs, not the illegal aliens and over seas workers that will work for pennies on the dollar.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Milestones II (Message 37315)
Posted 13 Mar 2010 by ProfileKevint
My congratulations goes out to ULI for taking the pole position in MW with 668 Million!

And reaching the 1 billion total BOINC credit mark!

Nice crunching ULI - you deserve the #1 !!!!
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Milestones II (Message 36690)
Posted 21 Feb 2010 by ProfileKevint

300M for PB! - coming on strong, nice RAC you got there -

9) Message boards : Number crunching : Milestones II (Message 36557)
Posted 15 Feb 2010 by ProfileKevint

Yes, you are doing your bit for SCIENCE, but you are also doing it for CREDITS. Otherwise you would not have posted your accomplishments here in this thread, and your signiture wouldn't be showing how much you have done.

600,000,000 for MW and 961,000,000 total BOINC
Not all of it in MW

#1 in First Place with 12
#1 in 100M with 3
#1 in 50M
#1 in #1's
#1 in top 10 spots
#1 in 1M
- the list goes on :)
I am just saying....

The ranks are not in my signature :) (on this MB)

But I will post it here because I am proud of my crunching accomplishments!

I have been slowly cutting back for several months and will soon be cutting back even more. Real life issues and well, just getting tired of trying to keep everything running.

I will soon yield my #1 spot here to UlI - Care for it well UlI - someday I may be back to claim it :)

10) Message boards : Number crunching : Longer WU's - same credit (Message 36443)
Posted 12 Feb 2010 by ProfileKevint
I may be off here, but it seems that the ps_s222 WU's are running up to 10-15% longer.

Same credit as before 213.76 per WU.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Milestones II (Message 35982)
Posted 23 Jan 2010 by ProfileKevint
Yooohoooo! ;-)
It`s not too often I post in here, but right now i have to!

Our team, Sicituradastra. is now # 5 in Milkyway ! - and
passed 405.000.000 few hours ago! Fantastic!

Thanx to everyone in the team for making this possible!!!

And I have also had some good weeks lately, and yesterday I
finally passed 20.000.000 in MilkyWay!

FUN! ;-)


Congrats to you and your team!!!!

Nice crunching!
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Problem with tiny cache in MW (Message 34048)
Posted 1 Dec 2009 by ProfileKevint
Yeah, the server isn't getting nailed nearly has hard as it was :)

Not only that,
My network connection is now working much better..

How about making them double the size they are now :)
I don't mind 6 min Wu's.. would bring back memories of the old days on MW before GPU.. when we had 6 min WU's.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Cruncher's MW Concerns (Message 33978)
Posted 30 Nov 2009 by ProfileKevint

OK, it absolutely DOES matter. It does matter if I get more credits per hour on MW 32 bit than on AQUA since credit PER HOUR is the measure I use to decide whether my computers are most efficiently used on MW or on AQUA.

It is not dumb for me to try and find out and it is not scientific for you to muddy this information with your nonsensical benchmarking which does not help me to decide which project to utilise my low end 32 bit worn out computers.

Let me try to understand this.
You are using credit as a way to determine whether or not your computers are being use the most efficiently?... Really?...

But if your goal is the most amount of credit per hour, without regards to efficiency, because efficiency is really not the issue here, the issue is, what project will pay you the highest return on a old worn out PC, OS=Win-32 running on CPU. Is this what you are trying to say?

You never mentioned before what sort of OS you were running. Nor have you mentioned what flavor of CPU's you are running. So, with that in mind, Aqua returns approx 150-160 C/H on Win-32. While MW/CPU - Optimized app returns approx 130 C/H.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Cruncher's MW Concerns (Message 33973)
Posted 29 Nov 2009 by ProfileKevint

Does crunching MW CPU with op apps give me more credits than AQUA, yes or no?

Does MW op app CPU in fact have the ribbon, not AQUA?

Again, it absolutely does not matter.

For baseline comparisons, you can not compare a third party optimized app with a project vanilla non-optimized app. Not only is it non-scientific, it is just dumb.
In fact, what is even more dumb than that, is comparing credits of any project against any other project. Cross project parity is a socialists point of view.

(but if you must - yes Aqua-64 bit still grants higher credit per hour than MW/CPU-Opti app- don't believe me, test it for yourself)

And again, the MW opt app or even the GPU app for that matter does not give more credits than the production app, it only allows us to crunch the WU's faster, credit per WU is the same. Credits here are fixed.

15) Message boards : Number crunching : Cruncher's MW Concerns (Message 33956)
Posted 29 Nov 2009 by ProfileKevint
Stock CPU app vs Stock CPU app. Any third party optimizations(unless adopted by the project at large) remain outside the baseline credit comparison charts.

Given that, MW is not the highest paying project. That ribbon currently goes to Aqua or Primgrid/64 bit apps

None of us are going to crunch stock CPU MW since there is an MW op app that gives far more credits.

Which is faster, stock CPU Aqua or optimized CPU MW ?

Absolutely does not matter, baseline benchmarks should be based on baseline apps. And credit "should" be based on this benchmark. If you truly want some stupid lame cross project parity reached.

Stock Aqua, against Stock MW.. Aqua would be higher paying.

Does not matter if people use the stock app here or not, the stock app is the one distributed by the project, and credit should be based solely on the stock app.

And you might be surprised how many do crunch with just the stock app. In most cases, these would be the people that don't visit the message boards. They just attach and let it run. I have several friends that crunch just that way, and yes, they are using the stock-non optimized app.
So your comment of "None of us" is a just a little bit short sighted. IMO.

And the biggest thing you are mistaken about, the optimized app does not "gives far more credits" it just runs the same WU's faster. It does not give more credit per WU.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Cruncher's MW Concerns (Message 33945)
Posted 29 Nov 2009 by ProfileKevint
MW is still a CPU project.

The project has not come out with a ATI/CAL app that I know of.
They have come out with a CUDA app, and from what I remember, it is near baseline with the other CUDA projects.. I.e. GPUGrid.

Being such, the ATI app is optimized.

Run the baseline benchmarks for comparisons.

Stock CPU app vs Stock CPU app. Any third party optimizations(unless adopted by the project at large) remain outside the baseline credit comparison charts.

Given that, MW is not the highest paying project. That ribbon currently goes to Aqua or Primgrid/64 bit apps

But again, any cross project parity is a myth, a dream for DA, and a nigtmare for project admins. And a socialists focus.

Free societies determine the amount of pay/credit given, not the king.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Closing Down Digital Recon Team (Message 33941)
Posted 29 Nov 2009 by ProfileKevint

Well this came as a surprise.. I am sure you are doing what you think is best.

Call me - you know my number!

18) Message boards : Number crunching : new hard drive installed (Message 33643)
Posted 24 Nov 2009 by ProfileKevint

The irony is that people complained for years about cross-project parity, and when steps are made to try and address that problem more complaints come across :)

There have only been a FEW vocal people that cry CPP - Most of the participants with a RAC of over 1000 don't think that CPP is a good thing, and it should not be considered.
That is unless you are socialist.

Company A can and should pay what company A wants, with no regard to what company B or C is paying. This is free market capitalism.

If BOINC wants to become a socialist society then let those projects that want to join such a society join. But it should not be forced on everyone.

19) Message boards : Number crunching : getting no new workunits (Message 33427)
Posted 21 Nov 2009 by ProfileKevint

Hey, I got an idea.

Lets everyone start a new thread about how we are not getting and WU's.

20) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Crash November 10 (Message 33224)
Posted 12 Nov 2009 by ProfileKevint
You could give RSA Lattice Siever a shot, 50% WU's report as invalid, and no message boards to report the problems.

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