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1) Message boards : News : New Separation Runs (Message 68867)
Posted 30 Jun 2019 by Thunderstixx
I'm one of the Heathen computer non-nerd's that has no idea what I am running at any given time.
I do know that I have been running a lot of very large programs of late which I hope are helping out your organization.
I would appreciate some feedback as to what I am running.
Thanks and have a great Fourth of July !!!
That's what America is all about.
2) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : Waiting to run (Message 67638)
Posted 28 Jun 2018 by Thunderstixx
Forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place, I know very little about computers except to be dangerous so I need some help with things like you do here.I keep getting a "waiting to run" notification on my BOINC Manager.
It seems to happen on all the groups I am involved with.
I really appreciate being able to do this. Who knows, maybe I can help find a new gravity wave, asteroid or comet or even some little green men too !!!
Thank you for your help and I apologize if I put this in the wrong place.

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