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21) Message boards : News : New Separation Runs (Message 68813)
Posted 31 May 2019 by Bill
It would be nice if the Event Log could say something other than the queue is full (when it is not full). I find it frustrating to tweak for this project and be denied work units because I am successful running sixteen WUs simultaneously on two AMD HD 7990s.
It can, you just need to add debug lines to your cc_config file. Try adding <sched_op_debug> and <work_fetch_debug>. Post results here and someone that is more knowledgeable than me will be able to help solve it.

(edited for typos)
22) Message boards : Number crunching : Collected list of badges available? (Message 68799)
Posted 29 May 2019 by Bill
i look so little compared with those big badges..

i dont even know what im doing, if its worth or not...

i just have 2 vps working on it, a 6 core windows and 4 core linux, working constantly at 80% just cpu.
from 13 May till now, 50k credits... as can see from my profile
is that good?
Every task completed helps in my opinion, whether you crunch a lot or a little.
23) Message boards : Number crunching : Long crunch time on new N-Body simulations? (Message 68759)
Posted 19 May 2019 by Bill
Thanks for the input Marmot and Keith. The reason I noticed this was because I am running MW, Einstein, and Seti all on the same machine. Einstein also has some tasks that are taking about 10 hours. I had several tasks from MW and Einstein that needed a lot of compute time and their due dates were approaching.

I suspect now that I just had the store a minimum/additional settings a little high. Compounding that with two projects with newer tasks that take longer computing times from before probably put me in that concern. I had the settings at 1 and 5, but I have dialed it back to 0.5 and 2. We’ll see how it goes from there.
24) Questions and Answers : Web site : Quoted text in the message boards (Message 68745)
Posted 17 May 2019 by Bill
Is it me, or does it appear that when someone quotes a previous message, it always appears as larger text than how it was originally posted? I think this started happening when the website was upgraded the other month. It seems a little distracting to me.
25) Message boards : Number crunching : Long crunch time on new N-Body simulations? (Message 68744)
Posted 17 May 2019 by Bill
Well, this isn't very surprising since the new application is using only one single core.
Ok, true, but I think the estimated completion time is being under-estimated. I had some tasks that took 24-26 hours to complete, but I think they were originally estimated at 11 hours or so. I didn't pay close enough attention to know for sure if this is the case. I'll have to check upcoming tasks to see if this is really the case or not.
26) Message boards : Number crunching : Long crunch time on new N-Body simulations? (Message 68734)
Posted 16 May 2019 by Bill
I've noticed I have a few N-Body tasks that are taking way longer than I had experienced in the past. What would normally take a few hours is creeping into taking 24 hours or more.

Not all of my N-Body tasks are this way, but a few of them are here and here.

I'm letting them crunch through. They don't seem to be "stuck", just taking awhile. They should be able to complete before the deadline, assuming no delays. I just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this.
27) Message boards : News : 30 Workunit Limit Per Request - Fix Implemented (Message 68517)
Posted 11 Apr 2019 by Bill
Thanks for the input, Manfred and Vortac. From what I understand in the post on BOINC, the problem I'm experiencing is an artificially high REC (not RAC) due to an incorrect GFLOPS calculation. Perhaps I should have mentioned that before. Regardless, if my problem isn't related to your problem then I suppose it is moot.

Manfred, I did adjust the storage requirements in the past, and it did not help at all. My problem is an actual bug in the code that needs to get corrected. Other people will fix the bug once time allows, so I will just have to wait it out until then.
28) Message boards : News : 30 Workunit Limit Per Request - Fix Implemented (Message 68513)
Posted 11 Apr 2019 by Bill
I'm equally stumped here. My only thought is that sometimes we get unlucky and you request work when another group of people have also request/before the feeder can refill the queue. I'm going to do a little thinking before I try to implement any solutions to this issue for now.


I've only been casually lurking in this thread, but now after re-reading through everything I have a couple of questions.

Is everyone that is experiencing this problem running out of tasks for their CPU, GPU, or both? It may be helpful to know if you are restricting the number of CPUs or GPUs that work on tasks.

If you are experiencing this problem with just GPUs, are they AMD GPUs, or Nvidia GPUs?

The reason I ask is that I am having a similar problem with SETI@Home. I can maintain a healthy queue of CPU tasks, but my AMD GPU (Vega 8, part of the Ryzen 3 2200G) will only download one task at a time, if I'm lucky. I have not really played with any settings to attempt to trick it into downloading more tasks.

I did pose this question on the BOINC form here, and the bug is noted and is being worked on (eventually).

I don't know if the problem here at MW is the same one that I am experiencing at SETI. My Ryzen rig only crunches MW as a backup and I have not tested to see if the same problem occurs if I run MW exclusively. However, I thought that I would point out the problem that I have been experiencing in case it is the same one that you are experiencing.
29) Message boards : News : New Workunit Generation Pause (Message 68511)
Posted 10 Apr 2019 by Bill
According to your profile you are participating in three different projects, including MilkyWay. There could be a few things happening here you may want to check:

-Resource share: Unless you have modified these values, they should all be at 100. If by chance you have changed this to 0, you will not get any tasks unless you have no work available from other projects.
-You set the project to 'no new tasks', which means any tasks you had would have been worked on, but your computer would not request any new ones.
-It could be something else. Could you provide more information? If you have the output of your event log, that may help as well. Are you getting new tasks for your other projects?
30) Message boards : Number crunching : Abandoned task? (Message 68439)
Posted 28 Mar 2019 by Bill
So I ran a few more tasks last night, and I have not had any problems since. I think the abandoned tasks might have been a hiccup from the server update. I'm speculating here, but perhaps I had downloaded new tasks, but had not received the updated applications before crunching started? I'm going to consider this issue closed.
31) Message boards : Number crunching : Abandoned task? (Message 68423)
Posted 27 Mar 2019 by Bill
Richard said that the 1.0.4 server update should have fixed the time limit exceeded issue. I guess technically that is the case, but I don't know why the abandoned task issue is now a problem.
32) Message boards : Number crunching : Abandoned task? (Message 68420)
Posted 27 Mar 2019 by Bill
Long story short, I have not been crunching MW on this computer because the MW GPU tasks would error out with a TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error. This error, to my understanding, was supposed to be fixed with the latest BOINC server patch.

Since the server was updated the other week, I decided to see if GPU tasks would work again. Basically, they don't, but it isn't the same error. These tasks crunch for a period of time (I'm not sure how long, I wasn't babysitting), and then stop and are reported as "abandoned". Example tasks are here and here.

I feel like Jake mentioned the latest BOINC server version was not updated yet, so perhaps I need to wait out for that to happen. If we are on the latest server version, what would be causing this?
33) Questions and Answers : Web site : Website bugs since server transition (Message 68412)
Posted 27 Mar 2019 by Bill
Huh, the duplicate team name (I don't remember which one it was) seems to be gone now. If I notice it again I'll let you know. Database error is gone, too. Thanks for fixing!
34) Message boards : News : New Server Update (Message 68401)
Posted 26 Mar 2019 by Bill
I found two very minor bugs with the website. To prevent all the little stuff from bogging down the more important crunching stuff, I have created a new post in the website form here. Besides, nobody had posted in there since 2017, so I'm sure the forum was lonely ;).
35) Questions and Answers : Web site : Website bugs since server transition (Message 68400)
Posted 26 Mar 2019 by Bill
I'm creating a thread here to keep track of website errors/bugs that have popped up since the server migration from last week. Hopefully this will keep other threads that address bugs related to crunching a little more streamlined, but also to keep a record of these other items so they aren't forgotten when time allows.

Bugs so far:
1. The banner being too big.
2. I was just browsing through the top teams, and every time you click on a specific team, the top of the website says "Database Error" right above the banner.
3. I also noticed that team #20 is the same team as team #21. This problem does not appear to propogate with teams 40-41, 60-61, etc.
36) Message boards : News : New Server Update (Message 68301)
Posted 20 Mar 2019 by Bill
Hey Tim,

That's strange, I don't see a similar issue on my machines. Can you give me a little more information about your issue? How long have you been unable to request work? What type of work do you want to request? How many times has your computer attempted to request work?


Do they? Not sure who/what GauGAN is, sorry.


I was only joking. They demonstrated new AI software yesterday at GTC. Basically, if you can draw in MS Paint, you can draw a masterpiece landscape. An article about it is here. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords. I'll leave it at that so this post doesn't go too off topic.
37) Message boards : News : New Server Update (Message 68296)
Posted 20 Mar 2019 by Bill
Yeah it's not the highest resolution banner so it will definitely look a little fuzzy on a large monitor. Not much I can do about that right now unfortunately. I'll have to find someone artistic to make us a newer banner at a higher resolution. (Might be a while though unfortunately.)

I think Nvidia has some new software that might be able to help with that. I wonder if GauGAN does astronomy? :)
38) Message boards : News : New Server Update (Message 68285)
Posted 20 Mar 2019 by Bill
Another low priority problem, but at least on my ipad the badges appear twice. Once at the user name and once after the rac.
39) Message boards : News : Planned Server Outage Tuesday March 19th (Message 68257)
Posted 15 Mar 2019 by Bill

I have heard that server release v1.0.4 is available now. Are you planning on updating to this version while switching over to the new server?
40) Message boards : Number crunching : anyone running a 2200/2400G? what performance are you getting? (Message 68071)
Posted 27 Jan 2019 by Bill
So this problem has been happening at Seti@Home as well. The long and short of it is that the estimated time to complete these GPU tasks is 0, which prompts the error 197 (0xc5) EXIT_TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED

What has been discovered so far is the calculation of the Gflops for the GPU is WAY off - by at least a factor of 1,000. This has been reported on Github and will be looked at.

So, I think the solution for now is either modify your peak gflops for the project, or simply don't crunch GPU WUs.

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