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1) Message boards : News : 30 Workunit Limit Per Request - Fix Implemented (Message 68515)
Posted 11 Apr 2019 by Manfred Reiff
Hi Bill,

to start with I only calculate CPU based Milkyway@Home tasks. My GPUs are doing Collatz workunits with some Einstein@Home workunits (approx. 10-20 per day) throughout the day.
Until Tuesday I had a lot of problems with Milkyway@Home. I received only 20 workunits at any given time for my computer equipped with an Intel Core i9-7900X with 20 processors. For my other computer (equipped with an Intel Core i7-8700K with 12 processors) I received dozens of workunits. At first I tried to change the amount of downloaded workunits from 2 + 2 days to 2 + 4, 2 + 5 and more but... a failure!
Tuesday evening (local time = UTC+2 hours) I suddenly received hundreds of M@H workunits for both of my comupters (in total: 1,200 workunits) Due to fast CPUs I could decrease the number to 600 till this morning. Unfortunately I didn't disabled downloading new tasks on my i9 machine before I went to work at 6:30am. So I got 280+ new tasks today with a total of actually 900 for both machines. Now I disabled settings to finished these huge amount of tasks first till 23 April.
But thanks to Jake Milkyway@Home servers seem to work much, much better and much more stable than before!!!

Earlier I also worked on both M@H CPU and GPU tasks but actually I'm concentrating on Collatz Conjuncture GPU tasks so I only crunch M@H CPU tasks. The i9 CPU I can work on 20 tasks in parallel. That's enough...

Concerning your problem with SETI@Home I had the same trouble with S@H and Einstein@Home. It needed much patience and weeks of experiments to find a solution that works WITH ME. Maybe my advise may also help you.

My standard setting is "receiving tasks for 2 days plus another 2 days", in total for 4 days. I increased the maximum number of downloaded tasks several times to 2 + 4 days. But it didn't worked. Manual updating wasn't successful, too. So I let do the manager the downloading automatically.
To do this I stopped and closed the manager and RESTARTED (!) Windows 10 (although probably this isn't necessary).
Then I restarted Windows and then the BOINC manager and et voilĂ  new tasks were downloaded. On an other occasion this did not worked. So I waited until the next morning. When I restarted BOINC working it worked.

I also noticed that you have to activate ALL tasks of the respective project in your manager so the manager can download new tasks. I don't know why. If you have deactivated some or all project tasks - donwloading new tasks will fail acc. to my experience.

Under normal conditions a high number of tasks for a single project is not necessary. But I made the experience that S@H, E@H and M@H servers are down frequently for maintainance or because of other reasons for several hours once every week (sometimes only a few hours, sometimes even longer).
From late autuum 2018 till, let's say, February or the beginning of march this year Milkyway@Home had a lot of trouble with its server stability. Servers were down for many days so you ran out of new tasks when you use the standard settings (that's because I increased the maximum number of tasks to be downloaded) and your computer is just consuming electric power without doing anything useful.

I haven't went deeper into the probable options of the projects. I only created special "app_config.xml" files to manipulate project behaviour with the help of more experienced users.

I hope this and the changes Jake made in the meantime since you posted will help.

Best wishes and good luck!

BTW... my graphic cards are nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and GTX 1070 Ti.
2) Message boards : News : New MilkyWay@home Scientist (Message 68509)
Posted 10 Apr 2019 by Manfred Reiff
Welcome to the project, Tom!

I hope you'll get input for your thesis. Thanks for your support on the project.

Greetings from Remscheid,
Manfred "Yoda"

"May the fourth be with you" ;)
3) Message boards : News : 30 Workunit Limit Per Request - Fix Implemented (Message 68507)
Posted 10 Apr 2019 by Manfred Reiff
Yeep, Vortac!

I agree with you. My computers are "running" through all the downloaded workunits and uploading finished WUs is running very smoothly after some upload problems throughout our afternoon hours.
Please, Jake and all the others working for the project, conserve the actual excellent status till ethernity... (if possible)

In the past I changed settings for downloading new M@H WUs from 2 + 2 days (= 4 days) to 2 + 4 or 2 + 5 days or more over and over again. But I did not received more than 20 WUs for my i9-7900X computer for months. The i7-8700K computer always received 50+ new workunits. During server down times my i9 often ran out of workunits. Hopefully that's not important anymore ?!
I hope I can finish most workunits (or all of them) within the time-limits (April 21 and 22).

Greetings from Remscheid
Manfred "Yoda"
4) Message boards : News : 30 Workunit Limit Per Request - Fix Implemented (Message 68498)
Posted 10 Apr 2019 by Manfred Reiff
Hi Jake,

I don't know which settings you changed on your server(s) but yesterday evening local time (CEST = UTC+2h) I received much, much more new workunits for both of my computers that at present calculate Milkyway@Home. Before that "changes" I only received 20 WUs for my newest computer (Intel Core i9-7900X with 20 processors) and approx. 60 for my upgraded computer (now: Intel Core i7-8700K with 12 processors). I received approx. 600 WUs for each computer, that's 1,200 in total! Just, WOW! A lot of WUs to be calculated until April 22...
Whatever you changed - many thanks!

Notice: At present I'm only working CPU WUs. My GeForce 1080 Ti (Intel Core i9 computer) is currently working on Collitz WUs with some Einstein@Home interruptions.
My second computer (Intel Core i7) is equipped with a GeForce 1070 Ti. The GPU is solely used for Collitz WUs.

Greetings from Remscheid
5) Message boards : News : 30 Workunit Limit Per Request - Fix Implemented (Message 68494)
Posted 9 Apr 2019 by Manfred Reiff
To me the increase of the feeder's shared memory size did not work. I still receive only 20 (!) workunits at any given time. I'm using an Intel Core i9-7900X with 20 processors. Increasing the amount of downloaded workunits (from 2 + 2 days to, for instance, 2 + 4 or 2 + 5 days) does not work. The maximum number of workunits will never exceed 20.
I can't see a parallel with the type of CPU used because I also use a computer working with an Intel Core i7-8700K (with 12 processors). That computer is getting much more workunits at any given time. At present there are 41 WUs waiting and I'll get new workunits for finished and uploaded WUs. That's a bit irritating...

Greetings from the summerly warm german midlands
6) Message boards : Number crunching : less cpu's per task (Message 68069)
Posted 26 Jan 2019 by Manfred Reiff
I experienced the same decrease of max. CPU tasks. It began on January 16 after changing server otions were reported.
It is frustrating and annoying! My newer computer (bought in January 2018) is equipped with an Intel Core i9-7900X with 20 processors. I only get a max. of 20-30 tasks at once. Today I ran out of CPU tasks at around noon because servers were down from 10:30am until 6:30pm (now it is nearly 7:30pm).
Due to increasing problems with the M@H servers I already stopped crunching GPU tasks in autuum 2018. Servers were off in the past weeks on a daily base. That is an absolute No-No!

We all do crunching voluntarily for personal reason(s). But how will M@H recruit new volunteers when servers are regularly down?

An app_config.xml may be useful...Yes! But only if the servers are online and you can get tasks to work with!

On my newer computer I already stopped crunching Milkyway@Home. I will use my processores for other projects...
Sorry, Milkyway@Home!

There are still several hundreds of finished workunits hanging around at Mr. Pen-Dings pub...

You may see my computers on my profile.
7) Message boards : News : Database Maintenance 9-4-2014 (Message 67800)
Posted 7 Sep 2018 by Manfred Reiff
BTW with your 1080Ti and using the optimization codes from the Collatz website you could be getting about 10,000 RAC per day off that ONE gpu at Collatz!!

Thanks for your informations. I will give it a try.
8) Message boards : News : Database Maintenance 9-4-2014 (Message 67799)
Posted 7 Sep 2018 by Manfred Reiff
Hi Jake,

thanks for your explanations.

I think the situation is beginning to normalize - slowly but gradually... Within the last hour (21:00 to 22:00 UTC = 23:00 to midnight local time) I was rewarded with some 20,000 credits. Acc. to my own database (an Excel datasheet) I was rewarded with nearly 82,000 credits today. That's 60% more than yesterday (50,609). And the number of workunits "validation inconclusive" is decreasing. I think will reach my previous daily credit rate of 140,000 to 160,000 in the next future. And the present number of unvalidated workunits (410 at 22:20 UTC) will tend towards zero...
9) Message boards : News : Database Maintenance 9-4-2014 (Message 67792)
Posted 7 Sep 2018 by Manfred Reiff
I think things aren't as worse as discussed here.
At present there are some 350 workunits waiting for validation including several workunits finished this morning (local time, CEST = UTC+2 hours). The number of 350 is decreasing steadily... One by one older workunits from Tuesday through to Thursday are validated. Credit reward at present is 5,000 to 6,000 per hour (a total of 30,000 for Friday morning). Till Monday hourly reward was around 10,000. I also found some "invalid" workunits in the tasks section. That's disappointing while using a high-end computer...
Due to that I changed my working flow from today: now I'm focussing more on Einstein@Home GPU's (+130,000 in the past 5 hours) and SETI@Home CPU's (the same disappointing delay as present Milkyway). Until Monday Milkyway was using the whole computer power (CPU's and GPU). At certain times throughout the day Einstein tasks were using 1 CPU plus the GPU. Now Milkyway is using 10 processors (no GPU), Einstein is using 1 CPU and the GPU and SETI is using the other 9 processors (CPU's).
In the past four months I was concentrating on Milkyway@Home with an credit increase of 4.5M per month acc. to Free-DC and BOINC stats. Now it is time to push Einstein@Home a bit (again)... Unfortunately credit reward for SETI is really low...
10) Message boards : News : Database Maintenance 9-4-2014 (Message 67786)
Posted 6 Sep 2018 by Manfred Reiff
I have the same problem - 363 workunits finished, but validation inconclusive.
My computer (Intel Core i9-7900X, 64 GB RAM, nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti) is working and working but I will be rewarded for a maximum of ONE workunit out of two or three that were uploaded at once. Often I received no credits.
On a normal day I will receive some 140,000 to 160,000 credits; today I received 51,000 acc. to my Excel database.
So I splitted the computer usage in the afternoon: 19 of the 20 processors will work on Milkyway and SETI@Home, one processor and the GPU will work on Einstein@Home GPU tasks - I received 237,000 credits today...
From tomorrow onwards I will reduce Milkyway usage to a maximum of 5 processors until the problem is solved!.
The actual situation is inacceptable!
11) Message boards : News : Database Maintenance 9-4-2014 (Message 67781)
Posted 6 Sep 2018 by Manfred Reiff
Milkyway@Home is working again but unfortunately I don't get any GPU workunits (no changes to settings).

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