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1) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : Velocity of our galaxy, solar system, and errors in distances can account for all dark energy (Message 69432)
Posted 14 Jan 2020 by Profileearthbilly
Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your thoughts and links. I read them. Gives something to think about!

I just want to point out in the same vein, to simply accept that all energy was extruded in the big bang or bounce could be a really wrong assumption. Why not use the context of observable data from formation of black holes to give the possibility that 70% of energy and matter formed in the first few seconds bounced back to the singularity and that could be in some way connected to gravitational discrepancies with Galaxy formation. In this model only 30% of the stuff of the universe is observable.
2) Message boards : News : Multi-threaded N-body is back (Message 69430)
Posted 12 Jan 2020 by Profileearthbilly
I also think it's absolutely essential we "terminate" operation of every application within windows 10 not essential to BOINC and our GPU.

There are so many trash apps now in windows 10 and many will reload even when uninstalled. I now leave them in but terminate them so there is less going on in the background. I also go through every app permissions in PRIVACY and turn them off.

I like to use the Resource Monitor within Windows Administrative Tools to monitor CPU usage so I can see what is running and if a heartbeat is getting out of hand. Great tool I keep pinned to my taskbar. I've seen heartbeats crash nbody tasks. Some temperature monitor apps really spike the CPU usage every second leaving what looks like a heartbeat in the CPU graph. Bad for milky way tasks when it gets extreme.

I am sure you old timers know all this. It's just for any new bee like me that has problems. It really helps. Reduce background apps!!! Your CPU will like you;-)
3) Message boards : News : Multi-threaded N-body is back (Message 69429)
Posted 10 Jan 2020 by Profileearthbilly
Hi Eric and everyone,

We had some bad experiences joining gridpool with issues on getting paid our due coins daily. We kept loosing all daily earnings for days at a time so I'm back to milkyway (OFF gridpool). Milkyway is the BEST!!!

Due to low light and solar production through the short days I have turned off your GPU tasks and selected only nbody cpu tasks to do for now.

Nbody I run at 76% CPU. I have noticed nbody are touchy with automatic windows 10 updates and updating GPU drivers, causing tasks to slow to a crawl or stop all together. I selected within internet properties 'metered internet connection' so I have a chance to suspend milkyway tasks before any updating. (No automatic updates with metered windows 10 internet connection). Windows asks permission before downloading and updating with a metered internet connection giving me the chance to suspend tasks before updates. That seems to stop all problems with nbody tasks for me.

I hope this makes sense. My brain hurts right now from so much pain in my face. Not thinking as clearly as i'd like.

Sunny regards,
4) Message boards : News : Multi-threaded N-body is back (Message 69180)
Posted 21 Oct 2019 by Profileearthbilly
I have every CPU task finish without problems. CPU tasks seem to switch between multiple single processor and one multi processors without any problems at all on all five workstations as they progress down the task list.

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