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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Surface Pro 4 computation errors (Message 68560)
Posted 18 Apr 2019 by Grixxly
I have a surface pro laptop and it's running boinc and @MilkyWay no problem. I fired up my old surface pro 4 and did all the updates and installed boinc and added project @MilkyWay and all I get are "Computation error"... I have no idea what to do. It ran fine before I got the laptop and shutdown the older machine, now the older machine isn't working... I have a pro 3 too that I'd like to fire up, but if I can't get the 4 working properly, what's the point?

Any direction would help.

2) Message boards : Application Code Discussion : ARM processor (Message 68241)
Posted 9 Mar 2019 by Grixxly
Is it possible to get a version that can use ARM processors? I've built a rack of 8 Raspberry Pi 3 machines and have 6 running 3 BOINC projects and would love to run the other two running Milkyway... but you don't support ARM processors...

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