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1) Message boards : News : The Last Couple Days (Message 70528)
Posted 3 Feb 2021 by Dirk Riesener
Hello Tom,

you wrote: "We had to clear out a lot of backlog workunits due to technical problems on our side. The bad news is that if you crunched workunits in the last two or three days, those workunits may have been deleted before they were validated, meaning that you might not be getting credit for them."
I found three unconfirmed wu from Jan. the 25. an 30. After clicking on the work package links, I got no information on these wu. The server couldn't find them. Is it that what you meant?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Getting validate errors (Message 70444)
Posted 26 Jan 2021 by Dirk Riesener
Today I already got 2 validation errors on modfit_84. Nothing I like very much...

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