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21) Message boards : Number crunching : Setting some apps to GPU and some to CPU (Message 69647)
Posted 5 Apr 2020 by Jimbocous
Sorry for the necro-thread, but I can't seem to find any other close references using site search or other docs that discuss project-specific app_config issues.
I'm trying to adjust my app_config.xml to control the max number of concurrent instances while trying to differentiate between CPU and GPU work.

I suspect the issue is that I need to define the plan_class for CPU as well as for GPU, and while I know from client_state.xml that my GPU work plan class is opencl_nvidia_101, I can't seem to locate a plan_class defined for CPU work, and without it the parameters seem to be ignored. (That assumes this is the right way to address the issue.)
What I'm trying to accomplish is something like this:

    <plan_class> ???? </plan_class>            <!-- what is the p_c for CPU? -->


Would appreciate it if anybody could get my mind right on this, or point me in the right direction!!
Thx, Jim ...
22) Message boards : Number crunching : Run Multiple WU's on Your GPU (Message 69585)
Posted 7 Mar 2020 by Jimbocous
Just curious to see if anyone has really studied whether there's an appreciable gain in running >1 WU/GPU?
New here at MW@H, but in previous tests at other projects I never saw any significant gain.
Regards, Jim ...

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