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1) Message boards : News : N-Body 1.40 (Message 61029)
Posted 10 Feb 2014 by Robert Gammon
I have gotten the N-Body Simulation 1.40 (mt) tasks running successfully on Linux Mint 16. The issue is that I had not previously selected N-Body Simulations on my account with MilkyWay. Why are these running when I had NOT selected them to run????????

We need to have a way to SHARE computer resources. Turning mt on and off selectively to allow other BOINC projects to run should be something that we are allowed to do.

Right now, MW is downloading N-Body Simulations in conflict with my selections on the web site.
2) Message boards : News : testing work generation with 'ps_separation_14_2s_null_3' (Message 54605)
Posted 2 Jun 2012 by Robert Gammon
Just had 6 wus abort with computation error, all were ps separation null3 v4 units.

This machine has had zero problems with any wus prior to today
3) Message boards : News : New Nbody Run (Message 53985)
Posted 11 Apr 2012 by Robert Gammon
i have one of these now, All other runs on this machine take 2.x hours max to run. This one has a forecasted run time of 42 hours
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Lost WUs - unknown status (Message 53962)
Posted 8 Apr 2012 by Robert Gammon
The web site says that I have about 7 work units on this computer. BOINC Manager says that I have ONE single work unit, Must I wait for these older work units (two to 4 days older than the one it is working on) time out, or is there a way to void them on the server now so that more work units can be downloaded??

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