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1) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Requirements (Message 53000)
Posted 10 Feb 2012 by bill brandt-gasuen
I have two ATI FirePro 3D V8700 gpus which just got knocked out of the project because of the changes in work units. I don't believe it's the changes per se which are the cause of this, but the inability of BOINC to correctly identify the gpu.
Ever since I installed them over a year ago, BOINC keeps reading them as HD 4700/4800 gpus. I am still plagued by messages from WUprop@home saying would you please identify your gpus because of this failure. This has happened with the last three versions of BOINC I have installed, choices are limited because I run 64-bit versions of win7 and xp.
With the changes implemented to the new wu's I have now started to receive the following message from mw@home: "Catalyst driver version is not okay for OpenCL application with this GPU."
The only upgrade for OpenCL for this card is 1.1 from 2010. I updated the Catalyst Center to the most current version, which installs version 1.1 by default. Nothing further is available until they come out with version 1.2, scheduled in August.
I think if BOINC would accurately identify the GPU everything would work fine. These were both exceptional cards completing a wu in around 3 minutes prior to the change.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you
2) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Requirements (Message 52573)
Posted 19 Jan 2012 by bill brandt-gasuen
I installed a bare hd 5850 oem vendor id ati(1002), and preceeded to download and install the most current Catalyst from ATI. When all was said and done, winxp 64-bit saw it fine but BOINC found no usable gpu! I use my gpus strictly for BOINC and don't play any games but I assume that the card's performance is up to the specs. These cards appear to have been retailed through Comp USA, Tiger Direct, and likely other sources, but never seem to come with a driver disk, just adapters and crossfire hardware. Does anyone have one of these things up and crunching on a winxp 64-bit box? I'm thinking since the drivers are for win 7 and Vista that something just doesn't come out right. I suppose placing the card in a win 7 system would likely solve the problem, but that is not an option at the moment.
Any comments would be appreciated.
Thank you

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