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1) Message boards : News : Separation Application Shutting Down on Tuesday, Jun 20th (Message 75883)
Posted 22 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
And in progress tasks weren't aborted by server, so people who still have some will be running them and then send them into the void I guess...
I wonder if the server will take them? If it's just the generator off, maybe it will. Otherwise we might have people with hundreds of completed tasks being repeatedly refused by the server.

I meant to try and post what happened, let one start, but then decided I didn't want it left dangling somewhere, and the way this was done was too... disrespectful to the users to bother, so just aborted all.
2) Message boards : News : Separation Application Shutting Down on Tuesday, Jun 20th (Message 75879)
Posted 22 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
And in progress tasks weren't aborted by server, so people who still have some will be running them and then send them into the void I guess...
3) Message boards : News : Separation Application Shutting Down on Tuesday, Jun 20th (Message 75801)
Posted 21 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
Are you talking about the credits for Nbody or Seperation? I got massive credits for seperation, but that's because I had old DP cards.

How did you switch to Asteroids? They only do CPU work (and Nvidia, but no faster than a CPU so pointless).

Separation. Only doing CPU work, and was looking for something to switch to that still worked on 32-bit Win 7 and used as little RAM as possible.
MW does go crazy with the credits, shows when you compare. I mean, 11M for 2 years here vs. 7.5M for 21 years on SETI. Granted, slower computers in the past, but still, and last 6 years of SETI were on this same one.
4) Message boards : News : Separation Application Shutting Down on Tuesday, Jun 20th (Message 75776)
Posted 21 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
So I gather it wasn't actually turned off today? And no word about it either...
EIther way, I switched to Asteroids@home, suspending the existing MW WUs earlier today. Wonder if at least they'll be aborted by server when it will be shut down, or they'll be left dangling until users either abort all remaining ones themselves or crunch them for nothing...

As for Asteroids, nice RAM use, some 7.5 Mb / WU. But sure shows how much MW was inflating credits, Asteroids WUs seem to take 25% longer and award 4-5 times less. Weird estimated computation size though, 33 times more than for MW, definitely can't be right.
5) Message boards : News : Separation Application Shutting Down on Tuesday, Jun 20th (Message 75722)
Posted 19 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
Yes, we will be turning the entire Separation application off tomorrow. We aren't going to turn off the Wu generator and then let WUs trickle back in for a couple weeks, because we aren't going to use those results for anything.

That's... really messed up. On top of the awfully short shutdown notice, send people work and then not even allow it to be reported back?
6) Message boards : News : Separation Application Shutting Down on Tuesday, Jun 20th (Message 75609)
Posted 16 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
That's fast... Just a week's notice? And here I was thinking that suggesting the end of the month would be fast, and saw a post mentioning a 30-day notice that seemed more fair...

Ah well.
7) Message boards : News : Separation Project Coming To An End (Message 75608)
Posted 16 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
You'd be surprised what Windows 7 will run on. And what about a newer windows with the interface returned to the good old 7? That's what I do. I get the benefits of the new Windows without the screwed up interface.

P.S. you misspelt your name, it's "Cavalry" :-)

The interface is the one manageable thing, forced updates is the main problem, system possibly rebooting on its own, settings that may change without your consent, quick end of support without applying major updates that almost entail to a new version, all the additional things that can be running, resource use... Fail to see any benefits that'd hold a candle to the mountain of downsides.

Misspelled it back in the '90s when I first got on line, still use that e-mail, and kept it like that ever since. More likely to be free too.
8) Message boards : News : Separation Project Coming To An End (Message 75599)
Posted 16 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
The problem is as the datasets get bigger there's no room in memory for the numbers required in a 32bit app and still keep it anything close to efficient. Sure they can make one but if it takes 10 days to run on a 32 bit machine and only 1 day on a 64 bit machine that's not really helping anyone. I don't know your budget but Dell often has laptops on sale, I got a gently used one for about $300US that had an I7 cpu in it with 32gb of ram and a gpu that works fine but isn't powerful enough to crunch with, I don't use it for Boinc anyway so it was a great find for me.
2nd hand computers are most cheaply bought privately from Gumtree, Ebay, etc. Sometimes even Freecycle! I have a 4 core laptop from freecycle. The disk was broken, so I shoved in a 2nd hand SSD, and upgraded the RAM to the 8GB max. It runs 64 bit stuff nicely.

Eh, have this computer for over 8 years now, been meaning to upgrade for about half that time (not counting the fact that I initially only meant to use it for one year, then turn it into my father's work computer and get a much better one right away). Budget for quite what I'd want never was there, but there's enough for something decent, and has been for 2-3 years now, but the problem is the OS. I will not use any Windows past 7, period, and my two attempts on Linux so far made me say I can't do that. Not because of Linux itself, but because of some other software that I've been using for decades not having Linux versions, and for the lack of the kind of security software of the kind I use on Windows, in particular application-level outbound firewall that prompts about everything not matching rules (and don't say it's not needed on Linux, I want it for control and monitoring of the system, not really for safety in itself - I mean, if I'd be so concerned about safety in itself I wouldn't still be on Win 7 long after EoS now). So sticking to this to be able to stick to what seems to be the last OS I'll ever feel comfortable using for however long it'll be until it'll fall apart or basically nothing will still work on it anymore I guess. Budget has too little to do with it.

Thanks for the info about Asteroids. Will need to attach to it soon and check it out.

And sorry for the off topic. Should probably end this discussion here.
9) Message boards : News : Separation Project Coming To An End (Message 75570)
Posted 16 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
According to this page Moo Wrapper has 32bit cpu tasks as well https://moowrap.net/apps.php

From what I see, Moo Wrapper just allows distributed.net projects to run on BOINC? If so, distributed.net seems to just list 2 current projects, 1 in encryption and 1 in math. And 2 in math and 1 in encryption as possible future projects. No interest in any of that.
10) Message boards : News : Separation Project Coming To An End (Message 75569)
Posted 16 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
In addition to some projects listed in previous posts, your CPU is 64-bit capable so an upgrade to a 64-bit OS is possible (you likely already know this but still).
I downloaded some Asteroid@home tasks and they were using very little memory in the short time I ran them (less than 10 MB of memory per task).

Sure it is, but why use 64 bit with 4 GB RAM and no dedicated graphics? Just means increased use of already limited RAM, so crippling performance further. And reinstalling Win 7 now would be a terrible pain.

Asteroids... Seem to have considered it after SETI@home ended, but never actually tried it, not entirely sure why, but since I see that the server was out for over a year, maybe it was already out then? And a glance on the forums now says that even after the project came back up, work is intermittent. So can't be a full replacement.
11) Message boards : News : Separation Project Coming To An End (Message 75568)
Posted 16 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
I have a MacBook Air.

Ah, that's the problem then, N-Body is currently not available for Macs. (See applications.) But see Tom's post saying that there is progress towards that, albeit with no ETA.
12) Message boards : News : Separation Project Coming To An End (Message 75513)
Posted 14 Jun 2023 by Cavalary
Great that the project has reached its goals and will publish the paper resulting from all the data.

But really disappointing personally, as a SETI@home "orphan", 21 years there, move here after it shuts down, and after 2 years this also shuts down, at least for what I can crunch. And I'm saying that despite NOT using the GPU, I've always done CPU only (and this computer only has integrated graphics anyway), but I've only been getting Separation tasks, so no more of those will mean no more at all. Maybe it has to do with being on 32-bit Win 7? [Edit: Yeah, that's it, checked the applications list.]

Still, if I can weigh in, while I'd of course personally prefer it to go on for as long as possible, I guess if you say six months tends to be the time until publication and you target the end of the year, it'd make sense to stop generating new work at the end of the month, though resends should be allowed to make their way through the system until all generated work has valid results.

So... The next question is what can I move to that's space or environment related and works on 32-bit Win 7, CPU only and has similarly low memory use? Just 2 cores, so 2 tasks if it's one per core, and SETI@home tended to use about 75 Mb RAM for 2 tasks, Milkyway@home only uses about 10 Mb for Separation, which is just awesome. The others that I tried of the quite few projects from those categories just crippled my computer because of their use of my low amount of RAM, hundreds of MB per task, could hardly crunch while using the computer.
13) Message boards : News : Server Trouble (Message 74009)
Posted 28 Jul 2022 by Cavalary
Something failed again? Getting "feeder not running" just now.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : PLEASE send more separation tasks ... (Message 73003)
Posted 19 Apr 2022 by Cavalary
Yeah, it's one task per core. But sure hope they won't be stopped, since it seems to be all I can process, or at least never received N-Body, maybe because I do CPU only and it's an old one and 32-bit OS (4 GB RAM and no dedicated video card, so 64-bit would just increase RAM use for no benefit).
15) Message boards : News : Server Trouble (Message 72620)
Posted 9 Apr 2022 by Cavalary
Yep, something seems to have been fixed, got WUs 3h ago too.
16) Message boards : News : Server Downtime March 28, 2022 (12 hours starting 00:00 UTC) (Message 72596)
Posted 8 Apr 2022 by Cavalary
Yep, just noticed that it's been over a day since I got any more tasks too. Just doing separation and just using CPU, server message says GPU tasks are available but nothing coming for CPU it seems.
17) Message boards : News : Server Trouble (Message 72054)
Posted 19 Mar 2022 by Cavalary
Woop, could report completed tasks at least. Thank you for the effort put into it!
Still not receiving new work yet though, says GPU work is available but for CPU not getting anything.
18) Message boards : News : Server Trouble (Message 72029)
Posted 18 Mar 2022 by Cavalary
32 bit?! I've got a computer which is 12 years old and it runs 64 bit Windows 11.

4 Gb of RAM, no dedicated GPU, so 64-bit would just lead to higher memory use with no benefits, as well as being unable to run 16-bit stuff, and yep, played a couple of 16-bit Win 3.x games on this computer.

On the other hand, ouch, Cosmology@home had that 120 Mb of RAM / task just at first, but the amount increases as crunching continues, seeing it get to some 675 Mb, can't exactly keep it running while using the computer.
19) Message boards : News : Server Trouble (Message 72007)
Posted 18 Mar 2022 by Cavalary
After downloading an updated ca-bundle.crt, since I have an old version of BOINC that had that expired certificate and it wouldn't connect to either, tried Universe@home but that didn't work, got a BOINC warning that it may not have work for my type of computer and after joining it, said no tasks available. Would the 32-bit Win 7 be the issue there?
Next I tried Cosmology@home, remembered a legacy app it had that was supposed to run on 32-bit, and after several attempts where it kept saying either that work cache was full though I had it set to 1+1 days and just have MW@h WUs for a few more hours, or that tasks aren't needed because it's not highest priority project even though I even set it to 2000 with the rest being at 100, after setting cache back to the previous 5+5 days it downloaded a bunch... Problem being that there are too many, just wanted something to get me through the day until this will be fixed, going by what Tom just said.
Ah well... At least the 120 Mb RAM / WU I see used now are manageable.
20) Message boards : News : Server Trouble (Message 71995)
Posted 17 Mar 2022 by Cavalary
There are lots of other projects to work on in the meantime.

Any specific suggestions? So far managed to keep the computer busy with what it could get between outages, and now it still has some 16-17h of work left, but it's only connected a small part of the time, sometimes as little as 2h/day, which makes it trickier to "catch" those moments when such things happen, and it's also just a dual-core Pentium with 4 GB of RAM, 32-bit OS, no dedicated GPU, and only doing CPU work, which seriously limits what it can work on, plenty of projects using much more resources, and I just want it to work on environmental or space projects (and can't exactly find any environmental ones), so after SETI@home shut down it was quite a relief to see that MW@h's separation tasks had even lower resource use and switch here.

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