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21) Message boards : News : Server Outages (Message 71529)
Posted 16 Dec 2021 by Cavalary
Thank you for all the work put into this... And in my case it was done just in time too, doing just CPU work, still had 5 WUs when I could connect again and get more :)

But I'm guessing that this didn't also involve a cleanup of old "stuck" results? Because I see a total of 125 tasks among mine, if I counted right, stuck there since late Jan to Feb 2.
22) Message boards : News : Separation Validator Updates/Brief Server Outage(s) (Message 71025)
Posted 25 Jul 2021 by Cavalary
Going to a version of Boinc above 7.14.xx also gives you the 'pre-fetch' that alot of people hate while others love it. If you have a zero resource share Project it knows you will need a new task soon so downloads it before the task you are working on is completed so there is no more lag between tasks.

Shouldn't this be an option then, add the capability but let the user decide?

And invalid task: https://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/workunit.php?wuid=137777181 Instant computation error, and see wingman result being the same.
23) Message boards : News : Separation Validator Updates/Brief Server Outage(s) (Message 71020)
Posted 24 Jul 2021 by Cavalary
Cavalary you are running a fairly old version of BOINC 7.6.22 it was released in Dec of 2015. Maybe you could consider upgrading to 7.14.2 (32 bit) or higher if you have a 64 bit system. Also has your PC or mother board manufacturer released any updates for your hardware that might help you ?

Go with if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and at least so far BOINC didn't cause issues, and saw some things about changes to scheduling in newer versions.
No BIOS or similar updates that I can see (well, there is a beta BIOS update from 2018, but no corresponding final version, so not going there).

Oh, and one more long one https://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/result.php?resultid=262617599
24) Message boards : News : Separation Validator Updates/Brief Server Outage(s) (Message 70998)
Posted 22 Jul 2021 by Cavalary
While I'm here, more long ones:

25) Message boards : News : Separation Validator Updates/Brief Server Outage(s) (Message 70993)
Posted 22 Jul 2021 by Cavalary
The validate errors will account for some of your 40% reduction in RAC but there is also a disparity in the old unit resulting in 227 points and the new at 230 which considering the work unit takes longer than the 3 point extra awarded there is a defecit on every work unit. This has resulted in a shortfall of about 250K per day in my situation without the failed units.

The time difference in my case is similarly small for regular WUs. With computer otherwise idle, used to take almost exactly one hour, give or take mere seconds. Now it's 1:01-1:02. But there are indeed those (so far few, but existing) WUs taking about 1:47, yet those reward 230 credits just as well.

Either way, doing the math, at almost exactly 1h/WU and 2 cores, if computer would have done nothing else at all, my maximum RAC before this latest run should have been up to 10900, and it was usually a little over 10000, with peaks around 10500 if I'd hardly use the computer for a few days and dipping below if I'd use it more, such as playing a game. So, very little room for invalids before. And I also occasionally checked anyway.
Now, with the new values, my maximum should be up to 10700, a bit less if 1-2 of those longer ones would come per day. The difference to the current value of less than 7000 comes from invalids.

And if there are those tiny but sufficiently significant differences between my results and those of wingmen that produce those invalids, I wonder whether the new run does something or uses some instructions that older or weaker CPUs don't deal with so well... Or may it have something to do with the 32-bit OS?
26) Message boards : News : Separation Validator Updates/Brief Server Outage(s) (Message 70984)
Posted 21 Jul 2021 by Cavalary
With no changes to my computer and the validate errors starting around June 25, when I gather they started for others as well, it seems unlikely to be a problem with my machine, but fact is that my RAC is down by some 40% from what it used to be, with validate errors accounting for it. Ah well, we'll see how it goes.
27) Message boards : News : Separation Validator Updates/Brief Server Outage(s) (Message 70981)
Posted 20 Jul 2021 by Cavalary
Here's another long one: https://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/result.php?resultid=259505534

And speaking of CPUs, may it be while I'm still being hit by this, still having many invalids and RAC going down, because I'm doing CPU only and most results are on GPUs and if the WU is sent to me and someone else who runs it on a GPU and there's a small but sufficiently significant difference to require a 3rd result, that 3rd one is likely to also be on a GPU and therefore the wingman results are more likely to be closer to each other and leave mine out?
28) Message boards : News : Separation Validator Updates/Brief Server Outage(s) (Message 70978)
Posted 18 Jul 2021 by Cavalary
Unfortunately it won't completely remove validate errors entirely, just the ones that are due to computer precision problems involving the gap in the data. Other validate errors will still happen at their normal rate.

Based on the server stats, it looked like this fix cut the validate error rate to about 1/10 of what it was before.

Well, had very few invalids before, and now the number is still significant, as my RAC graph shows.
Also just saw a few WUs take an unusually long time, 75% more than normal, talking of actual CPU time:
This last one being validated, and having the regular number of credits, so it'd seem that the flops are considered to be standard.
29) Message boards : News : Separation Validator Updates/Brief Server Outage(s) (Message 70973)
Posted 17 Jul 2021 by Cavalary
Seeing 16 more validate errors since this was up, and 2 more inconclusives with wingman results...
30) Message boards : News : New Separation Runs 6/9/2021 (Message 70961)
Posted 13 Jul 2021 by Cavalary
Currently, with most of what's listed being stuck there since late January, up to Feb (any chance to have those cleared away at some point?), if I eliminate those, I currently have 29 validate errors, 39 valids and 53 inconclusives, 23 of those with wingman results. That's not the 8% that was mentioned, it's almost half. Started around June 25 if I check my RAC graphic.
31) Message boards : News : New Separation Runs 6/9/2021 (Message 70959)
Posted 13 Jul 2021 by Cavalary
Sure got worried when I saw my RAC drop by some 40% and a whole bunch of validate errors. But maybe it's just this issue and not my computer...
32) Message boards : Number crunching : So??? Where's Milkyway@Home been the last few days? (Message 70784)
Posted 17 May 2021 by Cavalary
I assume that making such a project work with the new security protocols implemented after the RPI network attack took some work. Would have been nice to have more updates by other means, as in the Fb or Twitter accounts, day by day though.
33) Message boards : News : Milky Way Maintainance 2/1/2021 (Message 70505)
Posted 2 Feb 2021 by Cavalary
Same, still nothing, and server status lists none available. But it doesn't even seem to connect properly, because I changed the project resource share and it doesn't update.

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