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1) Message boards : Application Code Discussion : milkyway released under GPLv3 (Message 52135)
Posted 31 Dec 2011 by Robert Dell
As to releasing the code. I would lean towards his position in that he has said that he will, when it is stable.

Actually, the code for the exact binaries you are executing should be released to ensure people can port to platforms not even recognized... what should happen if somebody on a comodore amiga wanted to port the code and had fast enough a processor? what if somebody at a company like cray wanted to test their new processor on a project like this?

you NEED the code for the currently executing binaries to be released if for nothing else but to allow computers that are not compiled by yourselves. take my situation, quad core powermac G5, 2.5 ghz cpu speed, mac osx 10.4.11, the n-body simulation isn't released for my platform so i'd like to compile it for my platform and do some work.

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