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Posted 25 Jun 2012 by ProfileRalf02061973
Ok. Winning!

If you say so.

Hey. You understand badly wrong. I mean as i'm winning! :-) WINNING!!!

Oh I understand just fine...I am WINNING!!!

Yep. You were winning but i am! Winning.

thanx to be wellcome ;) ...so than let me win now :D i need it more :D
2) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : TLPTPW #11 (Message 54522)
Posted 28 May 2012 by ProfileRalf02061973
Hey! You have done it - started a new theard! Fine! Now i'm first winner in this field...err in this game!

Hey I am WINNING too!!!

And I'm winning three!!! (No really, I'm the third winner here)

But there can be only one!

And that is me, me, ME!!!

Sounds like you're warming up for singing.
I'm winning.

You were. But...maybe we can let Mr Mikey sing some songs for us. Can we?

Sure if you want to die from broken ear drums!! I can't carry a tune in a bucket, so no singing for me!! Just WINNING!!!

So we're all winning if mikey doesn't sing!

Yep. :-)

In a sorta kinda way YES!!
BUT I am the one doing the real WINNING!!!

What do I see? Someone has put up a garden center of the meadow! Now the Cossacks can rest in in the shadow and the horses can eat in peace.

Hey THAT was supposed to be a SURPRISE!!! Those horses are WAY to inquisitive!!! Oh well enjoy and keep looking...there may even be a small watering trough someplace!

This was a surprise. Now is the time to look for water.

Good things come to those who have patience!


im new here but i want to win too ;)

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