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1) Message boards : News : validator back up (Message 56432)
Posted 9 Dec 2012 by rwremote
Yes, most have, thanks.
The one's that still say "Completed, validation inconclusive", do not appear to be a problem with the validator per se, more like a problem with the initial replication.
This workunit for instance is a typical example http://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/workunit.php?wuid=277437505 indicates an initial replication and required quorum of 2, but only one WU was sent out.
2) Message boards : News : validator back up (Message 56430)
Posted 9 Dec 2012 by rwremote
All my 57 WU's which were waiting for validation now say
"Completed, validation inconclusive", I presume this will sort itself out as the backlog is processed ?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Error message from n-body (Message 51918)
Posted 11 Dec 2011 by rwremote
Work unit completes successfully and is validated, but following error in Stderr output:

This refers to Task 41590165
<search_application> milkyway_nbody_0.80_windows_x86_64__mt.exe 0.80 Windows x86 double OpenMP, Crlibm </search_application>
Using OpenMP 2 max threads on a system with 2 processors
Could not load Ktm32.dll (126): The specified module could not be found.
10:41:50 (784): called boinc_finish
This error is not present on my wingmans' error log. Maybe this is WAD but thought you should be aware.

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