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1) Message boards : News : Moving to a new server (Message 52105)
Posted 28 Dec 2011 by Ahnilated
I sure hope everything goes perfect and no hair pulling is required. :)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Out Of Work (Message 51984)
Posted 15 Dec 2011 by Ahnilated
I bet much of this is due to many of the wus being very small. I had 30 second wus on my P4 Xp machine. This down from having 40-100+ hour tasks for much of the last 4+ weeks. I did get some longer tasks last night (6 hours).

Yeah, I have had some 7 second GPU tasks and 2 hr CPU tasks. Burning through 8 CPU at a time it doesn't take much to eat them up.

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