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Posted 18 Nov 2008 by ProfileMete

Ha ha ha, too.
The word "boycot" was used in the SETI.Germany board, see this thread in german: http://board.setigermany.de/showthread.php?p=75797#post75797

for example:

in english, translated by http://de.babelfish.yahoo.com : Our boycott does not seem somehow to function. The team output rises for four days rather on that it would decrease.

in english, translated by http://de.babelfish.yahoo.com : Is that now a reaction to our boycott or already stood before Aends post office on the HP?

and so far:

german - english
Boykott = boycott
Empfehlung = recommendation

OK, I'm sorry, my mistake. It seems like I didn't make it clear enough for everybody. Maybe some are even too fussy, I don't know.

Anyway, let me explain:

1. Active SG-Board-Members were upset about the Credit situation at MW.
2. Various People agreed to boycott the project. The people, not the Team, got it?
3. The same people agreed to spread out a recommendation to all other team members, not to crunch MW until the Credits match BOINC-Standards again.

So for the TEAM it is a RECOMMENDATION to the volunteers (as we can and will not force them!).
But for the SINGLE PERSON, who stopped crunching MW, in fact it is a boycott.

That's why you may still see Credits coming to the SG-Account.

Ah, btw. I do see a decrease of credits/day.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : No further Support for Milkyway at this time! (Message 6249)
Posted 17 Nov 2008 by ProfileMete
On 14 Nov 2008 at 15:36:33 UTC aendgraend wrote :

...Our Team recommends it's Members to stop Crunching MW immediately...

Now, more than three days later, please look at statistic sites like these:


The SETI.Germany "boycott" is a big fake !!!

Ha ha.

Tell me how to force volunteers without breaking their free will and without making them leave the team, I will do. This "boycott" is a recommendation. You can read this in the first posting in this thread (or even in the few words you quoted), if you don't believe me. Our Team Members are free to follow this recommendation and a lot of them did.

But I'm wasting my time, you will never get my point, you just see the tons of credit granted to your account. Of course, you are free to do so but I am free to complain about it.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : No further Support for Milkyway at this time! (Message 6156)
Posted 14 Nov 2008 by ProfileMete
Whoa! To say that the credit level is "more than average" is the understatement of the year, I guess. To explain this: My Machines made 450K Cr. in more than one year, but they made almost 50k Cr. in less than 2 Weeks!

The point is, that it may be fair for the crunchers that are using the modified app. but it is really unfair for all other projects on the BOINC platform. If you decide to join BOINC to get your science work done (of course, that's what BOINC is for), you should respect the other projects there and the rules of the platform. But if you are giving 10 times more credits than every other project does, the credit-addicted crunchers stop any other project to get the most credit possible for their CPU-time (what is understandable, seen from their position).

In the End, your science work gets done, but the other projects don't get anything. Is this fair?

Just my 2 cents.

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