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1) Message boards : Number crunching : boinc 6.6.36 version (Message 27759)
Posted 14 Jul 2009 by Haksu
Same thing happened to me, more than 3 WUs started running with 6.6.36 (with a slowdown in progres, and I had n2 defined in app_info) so I went back to 5.4.5 and 5.10.45 to try.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Compute Errors (Message 26683)
Posted 29 Jun 2009 by Haksu
this might be of only little help as both my pcs where I have a 3850 are old and dedicated to crunching but anyway..
I have two AGP bus 3850 on MW, one is on a AMD Athlon and the other Intel Celeron, both running XP Home.
Both are running on standard settings except n2 as the cards are 512 mb and the motherboards have only 256 mb each.
Basic functionality (web etc) is ok even if as said these are dedicated to MW and pretty much taken back to use as I noted that I can fit a AGP 3850 into them and do some crunching
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Need Help - HD3850 AGP & Cat 8.12 + (Message 20839)
Posted 29 Apr 2009 by Haksu
just my two cents on these HD3850 AGPs, sorry if this is redundant info. I have two of them running now, and had problems in getting either of them working in MW as the drivers that came with the cards were old and the PCs where the cards are are quite old and slow as well.

What seemed to do the trick for me apart from the 8.12 hotfix is .net 3.5 + the latest update for the .net from the Windows update. Before the .net update I kept on getting the "output file absent" but updating it finally helped (the other I just got running 30 minutes ago :-)

4) Message boards : Application Code Discussion : Recompiled Linux 32/64 apps (Message 9213)
Posted 26 Jan 2009 by Haksu
thanks a lot for these linux apps, they are running fine. I have one older AMD SSE-capable and on that I am now trying the v16 "Linux on Intel" SSE, and that seems to be working as well

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