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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Computation errors? (Message 43946)
Posted 18 Nov 2010 by ProfileSM6GXQ Peter Lindquist
Just installed my new i7 and Windows 7 64bit and NVIDIA GTX470.

It seems I get coputation error every time, after only 3 seconds.

Was running before with a rather old P4 with GT265-card.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : cuda23 Computation error (Message 32488)
Posted 17 Oct 2009 by ProfileSM6GXQ Peter Lindquist
2009-10-17 11:37:18 Milkyway@home Computation for task de_11_1s_const_1_1778070_1255772181_0 finished
2009-10-17 11:37:18 Milkyway@home Output file de_11_1s_const_1_1778070_1255772181_0_0 for task de_11_1s_const_1_1778070_1255772181_0 absent

I'm currently running BOINC 6.10.14, but I also had this problem with 6.10.13 .

My GPU is GTX 260, driver .


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