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Posted 17 Mar 2022 by pramo
There are lots of other projects to work on in the meantime.

Any specific suggestions? So far managed to keep the computer busy with what it could get between outages, and now it still has some 16-17h of work left, but it's only connected a small part of the time, sometimes as little as 2h/day, which makes it trickier to "catch" those moments when such things happen, and it's also just a dual-core Pentium with 4 GB of RAM, 32-bit OS, no dedicated GPU, and only doing CPU work, which seriously limits what it can work on, plenty of projects using much more resources, and I just want it to work on environmental or space projects (and can't exactly find any environmental ones), so after SETI@home shut down it was quite a relief to see that MW@h's separation tasks had even lower resource use and switch here.

You can maybe handle Einstein@home? I've got an Intel Core2 Duo (E4500) 22.2GHz, 3GB RAM, no GPU, 32 bit OS that works. Each task uses ~770mb. takes 18-20 hours each but at least they run. On my intel I5 @3.5GHz, they take an hour and a half:}

for comparison, running Milkyway de_modfit_84 jobs:
old pc,2:08
new pc, 1:53

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