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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Multiple GPU Problem (Message 69768)
Posted 6 May 2020 by w1hue
I have been running Windows 10 and BOINC for some time with a NEVIDA 750 TI GPU and recently decided to add a second GPU, a NEVIDIA 1050 TI. It is not recognized by BOINC and Windows Device Manager shows a "Code 43" error. I downloaded the latest NEVIDA driver, no change. Tried it with and without a "dummy" HMDI plug installed, no change. And, of course, Windows does not recognize a second display. It shows up with GPU-Z, which shows the same GPU usage as for the 750 (which I do not believe is correct). Do I need to change something in the BIOS, or what??
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Error while computing on many runs (Message 67924)
Posted 3 Dec 2018 by w1hue
Almost sounds like the same problem I have encountered from time to time and reported almost a month ago. However, rebooting doesn't help; have to reinstall the graphics driver. No one ever offered a possible reason or a solution. . .
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Strange Problem with GT-730 (Message 67888)
Posted 10 Nov 2018 by w1hue
Am I the only that has had this problem? Really?!?
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Strange Problem with GT-730 (Message 67877)
Posted 5 Nov 2018 by w1hue
I have two small HP machines, one with an Intel and the other with an AMD CPU, with GT 730 half-height GPU cards. After a few weeks of running one or the other will immediately "error out" on Milkyway GPU WUs but continue to run Einstein, Astroids, GPUGRID and SETI GPU WUs OK. After doing a "clean" re-installation of the NEVIDA GPU driver, Milkyway tasks again work OK -- for awhile. I have tried the latest (I believe...) driver, 391.35, and a previous one, 388.13 -- same results. I have never encoutered this with another macine with a GTX 750 Ti in over a year of continuous running. All three machines are running Windows 10.

Has anyone else encounterd this problem?
5) Message boards : Number crunching : MW is killing my machine! (Message 65982)
Posted 2 Dec 2016 by w1hue
Sometimes older drivers work better on older machines

I reverted back to a driver that I had no problems with for several months -- didn't help.

I still believe that the problem is with the 1.43 32bit app since it started happening fairly recently and only when running MW GPU WUs.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : MW is killing my machine! (Message 65967)
Posted 25 Nov 2016 by w1hue
I would think if there was a memory leak in the MW code other users would also notice the issue. But, who knows.

A search of the forums for the past year turned up one associated with a linux system: http://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/forum_thread.php?id=3919&postid=64456#64456 and that was a cpu memory leak. But nothing for XP.

I'll try an older driver and see if that makes any difference. But like you said: strange no one else has reported a similar problem with XP -- and I am sure that I am not the only one using the 368.81 driver (which, I believe is the latest one for XP). And I don't appear to be having any problems running other GPU BOINC apps.

Ahhhh... the joys of modern technology!!
7) Message boards : Number crunching : MW is killing my machine! (Message 65964)
Posted 25 Nov 2016 by w1hue
When your machine gets sluggish, if you suspend all Milkyway activity, does the sluggishness go away?

No -- once it starts getting sluggish, suspending MW makes no difference. If the problem is due to a memory leak, the damage would already have been done and the only way to recover is to reboot.

I'm leaning more and more in favor of a memory leak in the MW gpu code as being the culprit (see third post above). Once things come to a screaching halt (display-wise, at least), the cpu appears to be doing something (as indicated by disk activity) but the display does not update -- except to show the mouse cursor moving. Anything else showing on the display (a clock, for example) at the time does not update.

In case anyone is not clear about what I mean by "memory leak", that refers to memory that is allocated by a program for its own use and not released when it exits -- making the unrealeased memory unavailable for further use. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_leak for a discussion of the problem.

(Yeah, I know all you techno-computer jocks know what that means, but not everyone runs in the fast lane. . .)
8) Message boards : Number crunching : MW is killing my machine! (Message 65963)
Posted 25 Nov 2016 by w1hue
Just thought of something that probably doesn't apply. About 4-6 weeks ago I had two XP machines that started hanging up for no apparent new reason. I finally figured out it was AVAST anti-virus software.

Possibly -- but the machine ran OK 7 days without any MW work and froze twice over a 5 day period running MW. But I am using AVAST. . . so I'll keep that in mind.

However, I don't think that it could be due to AVAST scanning the project files since I put C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOINC\projects\* on the exclusions list after AVAST falsely tagging a BOINC project file as infected some time ago.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : MW is killing my machine! (Message 65961)
Posted 24 Nov 2016 by w1hue
OK, I may be a little slow (not to mention old...), but I believe that I finally realize what is going on: The memory leak (if that is, indeed, the problem) is in the GPU code, NOT the CPU part! I doubt that GPU-Z would recognize that.

When the machine "hangs", it appears that something is still running in the cpu (and yes, I am running cpu only BOINC tasks) judging from the disk activity LED -- but the display does NOT update. So, I think that the GPU finally runs short of memory and hangs up! Reboot needed...

Since others haven't reported the problem (but there was some comment awhile back about a memory leak in the 32bit app), it is probably specific to the 32bit NVIDIA app. Apparently not many of you "hot shot nerds" are running MW in low to mid range NVIDIA GPUs, much less in old XP machines! :-)

I'm gonna go eat my turkey now. . . and then do a "pre-emptive" reboot!

Edit: Up until a couple of months ago, I did not have the "hang" problem when running MW tasks on the XP machine. Not sure exactly when it started. . .
10) Message boards : Number crunching : MW is killing my machine! (Message 65959)
Posted 24 Nov 2016 by w1hue
But I think Mikey is on the right track. Try reducing the workload (either CPU and/or GPU) one workunit at time and see what happens.

As stated in my original post, the XP machine is running ONE MW gpu work unit at a time. GPU-Z shows gpu load is 90-97% when running one MW WU. Average is ~95%. The GPU load reaches 99-100% for some of the other project's WUs with no apparent ill effects.

The GPU temp runs 50-55C (depending on room temp) when running MW WUs. It gets up to 65C or so when running GPUGRID WUs. CPU temp typically runs 50-55C pretty independent of what is running in the GPU.

So I do not believe that anything is being stressed by MW WUs.

I have a simple utility that monitors memory usage, but I doubt it would show no-usuable memory due to memory leaks. According to the monitor, memory usuage rarely gets above 75% or so and is usually 35-50%. Task Manager currently shows 1.76GB PF usage, 2.88GB physical memory with 1.34GB in the system cache and 1.56GB available; the monitor utility is showing 46% usage. FireFox is currently using the most memory at 238kB.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : MW is killing my machine! (Message 65952)
Posted 24 Nov 2016 by w1hue
I have a WinXP32 machine with an AMD64 X2 cpu and NVIDIA GTX-750Ti. When I run MikleyWay GPU tasks, the machine gets sluggish over a day or two and finally gets to the poing that there is no response to keyboard or mouse input, requiring a manual reboot (the equivalent of the old "three-finger salute"). I also run Einstein, SETI, Astroids and GPUGRID gpu tasks. When those run without any MW tasks, the machine just keeps on running and runing and running. . .

I am running two gpu tasks at a time for SETI and Einstein, but only one for MW and the other two. I was running 2 WU tasks for awhile (with same result -- mechine unresponsife after 2-3 days) until I noted that two tasks were using 10X more cpu time than a single task!

Now I am considering not running any MW tasks on that machine at all. (I have a couple of Win10 64bit machines running MW gpu tasks with no problems.)

I remember seeing some mention of a "memory leak" in the 32bit app -- perhaps that is what is causing the problem.
12) Message boards : News : Scheduled Maintenance Concluded (Message 65870)
Posted 16 Nov 2016 by w1hue
Well, I discovered a simple cure for my excessive CPU usage when running MW GPU tasks: Don't run multiple tasks in the GPU! At least not MW tasks -- Seti and Einstein don't cause a problem with multiple tasks.

In my XP machine with a fairly old dual core AMD cpu and GTX-750Ti, changing from two MW tasks to one reduced the CPU usage from ~40% to ~4%! Running just one task results in a minimal reduction in GPU thruput -- less than 5%. So . . . single tasksing from here on for MW!

Saw a similar thing with my Win10 maching using a sligltly newer AMD dual core and a GT-730: From ~30% down to ~3%. (My previous statement that CPU usage was ~10% on that machine was in error.)

Since I am not seeking to rack up as manny points as possible but just to run multiple BOINC projects reasonably efficiently, I think I will stick with my current configuration. For now, at least. One of these days I may get around to putting together a real number cruncher. :-)

Folks running older machines with mid to low end NVIDIA cards should take note.
13) Message boards : News : Scheduled Maintenance Concluded (Message 65852)
Posted 16 Nov 2016 by w1hue
If you wish to contribute to MW@H more I can suggest you some DP GPUs that will be efficient.

Like what? I have a 600W PSU on the XP machine but limited cooling. The Win10 machine is an HP slimline requireing a half-height boad and only has a 350W PSU.
14) Message boards : News : Scheduled Maintenance Concluded (Message 65830)
Posted 15 Nov 2016 by w1hue
I am currently running two machines:

WinXP, AMD 64 X2 CPU, NVIDA GTX-750Ti GPU, two WUs per GPU
Win10, AMD 7750 Dual Core CPU, NVIDA GT-730 GPU, two WUs per GPU

Running Milkyway, Einstein and SETI GPU apps on both machines.

On the XP machine, Milkyway WUs taking about 20 min of run time and using about 40% CPU.

On the Win10 machine, Milkyway WUs taking about 30 min of run time and typically using less than 10% CPU time (fairly large variation in CPU time).

Einstein and SETI WUs take 10% or less CPU time on both machines.

I don't consider that running the current Milkyway WUs on my XP machine is an efficient use of the machine due to the high CPU usage, so I have discontinued running them until such that (or if...) a new version of the app is released that requires less CPU time.
15) Message boards : News : Scheduled Maintenance Concluded (Message 65813)
Posted 14 Nov 2016 by w1hue
OK, for what it's worth, I downloaded 1.43 Nvidia apps for WinXP and Win10 awhile ago. Results so far:

Validated - 2
Validation Inconclusive - 4

Validated - 0
Validation Inconclusive - 2

Several still awaiting validation for both systems.
Run times appear reasonable, but CPU times for the XP sysem are running around 25%. Looks better for the Win10 64 bit system, but not enough have run to get good numbers.
16) Message boards : News : Scheduled Maintenance Concluded (Message 65730)
Posted 13 Nov 2016 by w1hue
Downloaded milkyway_1.40_windows_intelx86__opencl_nvidia_101.exe for by XP machine -- all WUs immediately ended in error (that was the latest compatable app that I cound find).

Downloaded milkyway_1.42_windows_intelx86_64__opencl_nvidia_101.exe for my Win10 machine and WUs appear to be running OK -- so far.

However -- I just noticed that there appears to be pretty heavy CPU usage for them. So maybe not so OK. . .
17) Message boards : News : Scheduled Maintenance Concluded (Message 65707)
Posted 12 Nov 2016 by w1hue
I just had a whole bunch WU's end in "Computation Error". I guess I need to download a new application file. . . or something.
18) Message boards : News : Windows 32-bit Application Release (Message 65113)
Posted 8 Sep 2016 by w1hue
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Happy WinXP / GT 750Ti user! :-) :-)

(I also run a couple of Win10 machines, but the WinXP machine has the fastest GPU. The Win10 machines are space/psu limited.)
19) Message boards : News : GPU Issues Mega Thread (Message 65087)
Posted 1 Sep 2016 by w1hue
Thanks to Joseph, for reminding us about maintenance. But i have to object to the 5 years of GPU life-time. The GPU-Chips might hold that long, but the fans usually fail much erlier. And they are very hard to find

Those fans are mostly crap to begin with. . . and more like impossible to find!

No problem here with NVIDIA cards being recognized -- I have used five different ones so far. The latest are: GT 730, GTX 750Ti and GT 610 (in a low-profile machine).
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Why am I getting this message? (Message 64729)
Posted 22 Jun 2016 by w1hue
Standard Boinc messaging, just telling you that since you don't have the required files even if you clicked to get those kinds of units it wouldn't work.

Duh... The point is, I did not select to get N-Body Simulation tasks nor have I selected to get CPU tasks -- only NVDIA GPU tasks.

However, the messages appear to have stopped as I haven't received any since last evening.

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