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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Increased WU Credit (Message 2820)
Posted 25 Mar 2008 by suguruhirahara
Granting more credits lets crunchers be happier, which means the works of the project crunched more, which lets the project team be happier.
It's simply a win-win game.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Unit caught in a loop (Message 1234)
Posted 1 Jan 2008 by suguruhirahara
I am seeing a possibly related issue. When a WU executes past it's estimated running time, it resets the time to complete. At this point, the progress indicator increases very little and the time to complete increases slowly. However, within a minute or two (wallclock time) the WU finishes. THe problem seems cosmetic, but I really can't tell.


Mine has the same issue. I thought it was weird, then I stopped crunching and released the workunit from the memory. Though it was restarted the workunit hardly progressed and seemed almost stuck. Any idea?


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