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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Relative GPU Crunching Speeds (Message 13086)
Posted 27 Feb 2009 by Napsterbater
It's more like multithreading on a single core ;)
And it is perfectly normal. You may activate another project to crunch fewer WUs at once but individually faster (will give you the same throughput). And that would put your CPU cores to some use, too.

Ok i have a Tri core AMD phenom II x3 720 with an ATI 4870, I was testing some setting and set the "avg_ncpus" to .1, and restarted boinc what I saw with I got 3 MW WUs running and 3 Seti WUs running (2 using 100% of 2 cores 1 use maybe 66%ish), now my questing is do these WU need a 100% of a core to do the same work or can they use 33%ish (all 3 combined) and get the same work done.

What I'm trying to say in theory would allowing another project to rune like that produce that same amount of credits/hr for WM, then not running the other project.

Just trying to get the most out of my computer.

EDIT:To add If I leave "avg_ncpus" set to .5 Boinc only runs 2 Seti (100%x2) and 2 MW at 50% each (100% of one core), and .1 get 3xSeti 2x100% 1x66% and 3 MW's using a total of 33% of one core.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : 3rd.in - optimized apps (Message 13023)
Posted 27 Feb 2009 by Napsterbater
If i was you i would see if i could improve the cooling in your computer a bit.
But it depends on many factors its not a biggy if a videocard becomes between 75 to 90 C in fact i have a card which does even work well when it becomes 125 C
the famous nvidia 6800 cards can even work with higher temps before fail ( i was told they can have 160 c max ).
But these days most videocards stay fairly cool so around 50 to 70 C is normal for them under load
But if i compare yours to others with similar cards yours get a bit hotter then most i see.
It can be that your card has a lesser cooler but most common is that your computer does not have enough cooling.
For most people it is very easy to improve this by adding a fan in the extra spaces for those cooling fans.
Mostly fans in front suck air in and fans on the back blow it out its probably this.
So check if you can add a fan for extra cooling if not it will not be a great deal but i would check if my cpu would become very hot also.
Basically the more fans the better ;)

This computer is a 4u Server case with a 120MM fan on the left side (in front of the vid card) plus a 80mm delta (lots of air and very loud =P) behind the 2 3.5 slots. plus a 80mm Delta directing air from just in front of the card down it towards the back of the case.

Just close GPU-Z or the Catalyst Control Center ;)

At least half of the GPU monitoring tools (including the CCC itself) do something strange to read out the load, temperature and whatever which cause this 2 second freezes on certain systems. On other systems or with other tools it works (I've heard GPU-Z runs flawlessly with the GPU app under XP32).

kinda though that might be it after posting, but thanks for confirming it.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : 3rd.in - optimized apps (Message 12987)
Posted 26 Feb 2009 by Napsterbater
humm, idle is about 46°C, were you crunching or idling at when you took those readings?

BTW I'm at 100% Fan speed and overclocked to 800/1000.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : 3rd.in - optimized apps (Message 12973)
Posted 26 Feb 2009 by Napsterbater
Just attached and installed the .19b on my system that has a Sapphire HD4870 1gig, and only issue I have is the screen stops for about 2 seconds every 10-60+secs, anyway to fix that?

Also what everyone Temps on their cards I'm at 83-88°C.

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