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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Machines runs out of units every few minutes (Message 63019)
Posted 16 Jan 2015 by Jari Pyyluoma
I see the same problem. It is not a new problem either, it has existed many years. Sometimes it happens because the project releases bad work, that errors out, which makes the server not give out new work. This seems to be the case for me right now. Check your tasks in your account for errors. This project is kind of sloppy, which takes getting used to. Overclocking may also be a culprit regarding errors.
2) Message boards : News : Apology for recent bad batches of workunits (Message 55870)
Posted 20 Oct 2012 by Jari Pyyluoma
I have noticed that there are so many errors in my output, that I have started to question this project. For every day that goes by my willingnes to waste electricity lessens.

I hope you solve your problems soon. Please consider to introduce a way for you to kill bad tasks, so that they do not need to be processed needlessly. Other projects kill unneeded tasks remotely. In these circumstances it also seems unnecessary to have a bad task fail 4 times before removing it, but that is your call.

Even though electricity will still be needlessly wasted, it may be argued that the project is responsible for the tasks failing, and the donors should not have to be punished for that, meaning that credits should be retroactively be awarded even for errored tasks.

3) Message boards : News : New searches _edge_2 and _free_2 (Message 55766)
Posted 13 Oct 2012 by Jari Pyyluoma
Edit 2: Free 2 does not seem to error out for me on my 7970.

Edit: It´s late. I have errors with free 1 and edge 1 not free 2. The free 1 seem to float around for many hours, and I am still getting them.

"Error while computing" on 4 different hosts: "Too many errors (may have bug)"

Host applications (4):
MilkyWay@Home v1.02 (opencl_nvidia)
MilkyWay@Home v1.01
MilkyWay@Home v1.02 (opencl_amd_ati)
Anonymous platform (ATI GPU)
4) Message boards : News : New Run Beginning (Message 55650)
Posted 4 Oct 2012 by Jari Pyyluoma
A lot of errors, but not on all work units. All errors in first second or two.

Incorrect function. (0x1) - exit code 1 (0x1)
BOINC: parse gpu_opencl_dev_index 1
<search_application> milkyway_separation 1.02 Windows x86_64 double OpenCL </search_application>
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: max_gfx_cpu_pct
Skipping: 0
Skipping: /max_gfx_cpu_pct
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: nbody_graphics_poll_period
Skipping: 30
Skipping: /nbody_graphics_poll_period
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: nbody_graphics_float_speed
Skipping: 5
Skipping: /nbody_graphics_float_speed
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: nbody_graphics_textured_point_size
Skipping: 250
Skipping: /nbody_graphics_textured_point_size
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: nbody_graphics_point_point_size
Skipping: 40
Skipping: /nbody_graphics_point_point_size
BOINC GPU type suggests using OpenCL vendor 'Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.'
Error loading Lua script 'astronomy_parameters.txt': [string "parameters_version: 0.010000..."]:1: '<name>' expected near '0.010000'
Error reading astronomy parameters from file 'astronomy_parameters.txt'
Trying old parameters file
Error reading wedge
20:50:09 (2636): called boinc_finish


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