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Posted 17 May 2014 by Scalextrix[Gridcoin]
Hello all, I have been trying to get the max usage out of my 2 x GPUs as I noticed they were not near to 100% utilisation according to MSI Afterburner. Have been experimenting with cc_config.xml and app_config.xml.

Am sharing what I have discovered, but if you are new to this please don't take my experience as a guide, I am doing this as a total fool and any minute now I expect to receive an ID10T error. Id be interested to hear if anyone else tried and got similar/different results.

Intel i7-3770k @ 4.2Ghz
Nvidia GTX 670 @ stock
Nvidia GTX 780Ti @ stock

I run GPUGRID, Asteriods@Home and of course MW. GPUGRID and A@H didn't seem to work well with multiple WUs on 1 GPU, even though they don't utilise 100% of GPU resource splitting the GPU seemed to cause run times to increase a lot. However MW seemed to divide GPU resources well.
I found my GTX 670 could take 2 x WU at 50% each, Afterburner reporting 96-99% utilisation
I found my GTX 780Ti could take 4 x WU at 25% each, Afterburner reporting a similar 96-99% utilisation

By setting milkyway separation to max 4 tasks and 25% share, and locking them to the GTX780Ti, and having milkyway set to max 4 tasks and 50% share and not locking, both my GPUs seem to be able to crunch at max.

The WUs do run a little slower than if only 1 task is on the GPU, but I 'think' my overall crunching is higher. I don't know how to objectively measure that though, if anyone can tell me Id appreciate it.

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