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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Project rejecting completed projects as "not needed" (Message 27831)
Posted 16 Jul 2009 by Dave
I had a Milkyway@home project that initially was 1 hr and 30 minutes due about 2 days after receiving it. As it was working on it, the project completion time continued to grow longer and the next day (day before due) it was at 19 hours to go and only 28% complete. This was the only project I allowed to crunch now, as it had a very tight deadline. At the start of it, there was plenty of time but it grew, so I suspended the others to try to allow it to complete on time. As the due date and time got nearer, it became clear that with less than 2 hours to go, the project was still 11 hours and 52% from completing. I continued to let it run because my maching had been crunching on just this one project for two days solid 24 hours a day. When I checked on it again, I found out it had completed, which was what I wanted. Even if I couldn't get credit (not my fault), the project still should be completed so the data is finished and sent for the project's use. I was miffed by the note I saw in the message section about the completion of the project task. The note read "Message from server: Completed result ps_sqr........4122_0 refused: this result wasn't sent (not needed)" I would like to know why I put two days computing into this project, at the expense of all other projects, to crunch the numbers to get it done as soon as possible if it wasn't needed!

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