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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Issue Recommendations (Message 46458)
Posted 6 Mar 2011 by thaumielx72
LOL, I drink some form of water everyday, good thing I'm not made of pipes!

I have only recently upgraded my computer to a Nvidia GTX 480 and I have to say that it has been running almost non-stop since last week.

I believe sometimes you have to uninstall even a very good program and let it start all over again.

In my humble opinion, MW is one of the most stable, most efficient projects out there.

(But, to tell the truth, I did get frustrated with MW last year and let it drift off my machine. But now it is easily the best user of the new technology. [My new GTX 480, I could be a bit biased])
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Computation Error on every GPU WU (Message 46377)
Posted 27 Feb 2011 by thaumielx72
Without errors to say the least...

My recent average credit is over 7,000. In less than 2 weeks I may effectively DOUBLE my credits from the last 4 years. To say that I am crunching numbers would be like saying Hawkeye Pierce is telling jokes.

All these things, while fun, are also very good.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Computation Error on every GPU WU (Message 46371)
Posted 27 Feb 2011 by thaumielx72
You were absolutely correct, sir!

Going to Nvidia's website and running the script by hand was the trick. That, and the use of the Coolbits utility has me humming along in Ubuntu Linux.

Thank you for your help.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Computation Error on every GPU WU (Message 46369)
Posted 26 Feb 2011 by thaumielx72
I am running the 0.54 Linux OpenCL app on 64 bit Ubuntu 10.10 with the Nvidia 260.19.36 driver with no apparent issues. There were several work units from about a week ago that were formulated wrong and they produced invalid results and computation errors but they should have been flushed from the system by now. Which version of the Nvidia driver are you using? Have you looked in the message log for the errors? Are you running an anonymous app_info?

Cheers, Keith

Hmmm. Nvidia X Server says my current driver is 195.36.24. I would have thought that it would load out the most recent driver available.

I used the System > Hardware Drivers menu command. I'm betting your method of loading drivers is more sophisticated.

Well, let me prowl the Ubuntu forums for a bit..

(and thanks!)
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Computation Error on every GPU WU (Message 46354)
Posted 25 Feb 2011 by thaumielx72

I am running the latest stable version of Ubuntu. (64 bits) Everything is updated and the system is quite stable.

I have recently (within the last few days) loaded the hardware Drivers to reflect a brand new Nvidia GTX 480. (Overclocked, with special state of the art cooling system)

BOINC will load Wu after Wu as Milkyway@Home 0.54 (cuda_opencl) every one of these will error out immediately with Computation Error.

Note: This WAS happening on my Windows partition as well until I updated to the latest Nvidia graphics drivers, now they run smooth as silk.

Windows is OK, but I would love to spend most of my time on Ubuntu Linux.

Has anyone had any luck getting CUDA to run on Ubuntu 64?

Thanks in advance.

*** Just for grins - I went from 150,000 MW credits accumulated over the last few years to 175,000 OVERNIGHT with the Windows CUDA running non-stop (Whew!) ***
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Question about Data Units (Message 5139)
Posted 1 Sep 2008 by thaumielx72
I have a 1.23 WU at 20% done with 8 hours to completion. That means it will run 2 1/2 hours past the deadline of 5:30 pm today. Another is at 34% with 6 hours showing remaining. That second one Might squeeze in on time as I have removed throttling from my system as soon as I noticed how they were due Today!

They might have completed with time to spare if I had left it running at full speed - but I like the underclocking. It means that my system will not experience the same wear and tear even though it's running 100% CPU all the time. It was a nice respectable 55 Celcius, now it's at 70C. OK for short sprints, but I would prefer not to floor it all the time.

There are two more 1.23's behind them. They are also due today, just a half hour later. I might as well abort them, right? Better to return them to the mix before they even start, No?
7) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Word Link (Message 3686)
Posted 8 Jun 2008 by thaumielx72
8) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Eagles Football Fans? (Message 3055)
Posted 7 Apr 2008 by thaumielx72
If you're a Eagles football fan, or not, come on over and help build a new city. It's called PhillyEagles Is it football season yet?

I think Stewart Bradley is gonna have that Buffalo guys job before 2009 is here.

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