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1) Message boards : Number crunching : credit comparison to other projects (Message 7894)
Posted 21 Dec 2008 by [B^S] RicketyCat

I'll have to take issue with this one. Time*Money would infer that each piece of time equals a certain amount of money. If each woman, as we have all encountered, is slightly different, then each would require a different time AND money. So:

W=T+M W=M+M W=2M W=2rtE W^2=4E

Which means to get simple evil you need a quarter of a woman. The bright spot being that no matter how many women are gathered together you cannot have more than 4 times simple evil. I think this may explain a little about female to female interactions...
2) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : ASTRONOMY PICTURE OF THE DAY™ (Message 2920)
Posted 31 Mar 2008 by [B^S] RicketyCat

Especially if you're 5150. ;)

Aw geez, just 'cause you live in a place where you can almost call a cop estupido (SDPD) don't make ya nutz. Asides, most out of CA wouldn't know 5150 (I don't think) unless you explained it at some point inna past.

anyway - back to topic

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