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1) Message boards : Number crunching : New WU Length? (Message 4239)
Posted 18 Jul 2008 by bel3pv
Milkyway@home was a verry cool project with short wu's. Wel 7 minutes is maybe a litle bit to short but 10 hours is a little bit to long !!!
2 or 3 hours is a better choice i think (dont forget the slower pc's)
2) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Team Recruitment thread - CLOSED (Message 3393)
Posted 27 Apr 2008 by bel3pv
Belgium, a small country with a great team: BOINC.BE

Today BOINC.BE entered the top 20 of all projects combined. A remarkable achievement for a team from a relatively small country like Belgium. With our recent average of over 600K/day we rank even higher, at position 16. This means that we can rise even further.

As a national team we only let 5 countries before us: the US, Germany, Canada, Australia and the Czech Republic. But we want to do better. We reach the vast majority of crunchers in the north of our country. We would like to launch a special appeal to our friends in the south to join our effort. Help us build a top team where all Belgians feel at home in a friendly, multilingual team and forum.

Boinc.be is not the only multilingual team in Belgium. There are other opportunities for any cruncher.
Icewolves is a very good example !
You have the members, but we have de BALLS !You can join us whenever you want :)

BTW Tutta55: we appreciate the results from Boinc.be. Congratulations with the World position of your Team

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