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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Down for maintenance? (Message 36229)
Posted 3 Feb 2010 by Larry256
What power supply did you use when you switched the case?Dell uses Proprietary PSU.If you switch the mother board to a new case, make sure you use the dell PSU.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Unable to find gpu - Windows 7 x64 / Catalyst 9.11 (Message 34402)
Posted 9 Dec 2009 by Larry256
I don't think Boinc will see the GPU as a service install.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : 4890 support (Message 28105)
Posted 21 Jul 2009 by Larry256
Do you mean the files on the ATI site that are JUST the driver files or the whole package that includes ccc, wdm and the video drivers?

The whole package.

If not just the drivers did you execute the install .exe for the package of all three and which did you run 1st, v8.12 or v9.6?

I install the v9.6 first,then uninstalled the driver from the controll panel.Then installed the v8.12,then uninstalled the driver from the controll panel.That should get you the two dir. on the C drive in the ati dir.

Run the setup file in C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-6_xp64_dd_ccc_enu\Driver dir.
Once this setup starts it gives the option of something like 'regular' and 'advanced'. I selected 'advanced' and in the checkboxes there I unchecked everything EXCEPT "ATI Display Driver".

I installed everything but the folding at home.

Now it give several warnings and let's me overwrite newer (v9.6) files with older (v8.12) files in /system32. Then it get's a "can not copy file" error on a missing file "atimpc32.dll". To resolve this I pointed it to my 'backup' folder and let it copy that v9.6 file from there.

It should not give the warnings because we uninstalled the all drivers.If it cant find a file, first look in the 8.12 dir. if not then the 9.6 dir.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : 4890 support (Message 27138)
Posted 5 Jul 2009 by Larry256
I have seen some discussion here and there, but thought it would be best to make a new thread about it (not to mess other threads and get enough attention)

- Does MW work on 4890?
- I remember Poorboy having one, but still seen him asking how to get it working, correct?

I am in the process of ordering a new computer, and hesitating whether to get nVidia 285 (GPUGrid&SETI) or ATI 4890(MW). This comp will be used also for games, where both of these perform roughly equally.

It take some time, but after some trial and error I got mine to work with Catalyst 8.12.
Extract the 9.6 and the 8.12 drivers to the hard disk.Then go into the C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-6_xp64_dd_ccc_enu\Driver\Driver\XP6A_INF\B_81503 dir. and del all the files in the dir.
GO to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\8-12_xp64_dd_ccc_enu_72273\Driver\Driver\XP6A_INF\B_72960 dir. and copy all the files over to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-6_xp64_dd_ccc_enu\Driver\Driver\XP6A_INF\B_81503
Run the setup file in C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-6_xp64_dd_ccc_enu\Driver dir.
The set up will say it cant find files with the ati or amd files that are listed in the ati_0.19f read me.Just find the one it is looking with the other name,copy to your desktop then rename it.Move the file back to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-6_xp64_dd_ccc_enu\Driver\Driver\XP6A_INF\B_81503 dir. hit cont. on the setup screen.Do it for all 5 or 6 files.when the set up is done youll have 8-12 on the 4890.

I'm running windows xp64
5) Message boards : Number crunching : 20 workunit limit (Message 3509)
Posted 23 May 2008 by Larry256

when we update the server code, you should be able to download new workunits as soon as you finish with your previous ones. if you're just complaining about wanting more WUs out there in the case when the server crashes... i don't think theres anything we can do about that as the workunits need to be dynamically generated as new ones come in.

Are you going to set it up like burp ?

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