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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Project not showing in BoincStats (Message 70116)
Posted 19 Sep 2020 by ProfileCruncher Pete
A few days ago I had to change my email address and Password. I have lost over 2.5Billion credits overall and 18 projects are not showing in the stats.
Please confirm that my stats are exported and the XML details are correct.
2) Message boards : News : Reducing Workunits to Unreliable Hosts (Message 67191)
Posted 3 Mar 2018 by ProfileCruncher Pete
Hey Everyone,

I just tried turning on some options to reduce workunits sent to hosts that return a significant number of errors. If you see any issues, please let me know.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Jake, I wonder that by turning on some options might also have effected New Clients and or clients that have not retuned a value for some time. Like in my case where I have not contibuted to Milkyway for about a year and most of my machines been upgraded since, than that could be the reason for not receing WU's. My GPU's working OK on other Projects. Note that other users have reported this issue in other threads but have not received a reply to date.

N.B. Please read to forum: Number Crunching: Not able to download work for AMD GPU and further down: Unable to download work for NVIDIA GPU. The troops are restless as they have not received one word from any Admin for days.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't get work for NVIDIA GPU (Message 67184)
Posted 2 Mar 2018 by ProfileCruncher Pete

Tried resetting & re-attaching but it made no difference.
It's a little early to tell but so far this seems to only affect newly attached PC's & PC's that haven't crunched Milky way for a while. I last crunched here a month or 2 ago.

Any help?

I see a common problem here with those who can not get work. In my case, I have not worked MilkyWay for over a year. I now have 16 computers with a variation of the latest AMD and NVIDIA GPU's and I can not get work on any of them. I checked my settibgs, Detached, reattached, installed the latest driver, nothing helped. The machines run most other GPU projects, when work available.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Not able to download work for AMD GPU (Message 67182)
Posted 2 Mar 2018 by ProfileCruncher Pete
One thing I noticed is that this problem seems to effect people who have not participated for awhile and or New Members. I wonder if it is data base related and we are locked out.

Please check my set up at the server. I am member: 400, joined 30 Sep 2007 with over 187M credit, yet I am unable to download GPU work for 16 Computers either AMD or NVIDIA, being told that there is no work available. Others who have contributed recently are getting work.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Not able to download work for AMD GPU (Message 67165)
Posted 1 Mar 2018 by ProfileCruncher Pete
I just like to add that I am having the same issues as already mentioned. Unable to get work on any machines asking for GPU work. I have a variety of AMD GPU's, mainly R280's and R290's. The NVIDIA,s include GTX960 up to 1080TI. The message I receive states: No tasks or no work available, yet the server states 830 available that has not been sent yet.

OS includes: Windows7 Ultimate and Windows10.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Catalyst issues (Message 55907)
Posted 21 Oct 2012 by ProfileCruncher Pete
I am getting a lot of errors while computing and the stderr.txt reads as follows:

Stderr output

Incorrect function. (0x1) - exit code 1 (0x1)
BOINC: parse gpu_opencl_dev_index 0
<search_application> milkyway_separation 1.02 Windows x86_64 double OpenCL </search_application>
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: max_gfx_cpu_pct
Skipping: 0
Skipping: /max_gfx_cpu_pct
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: nbody_graphics_poll_period
Skipping: 30
Skipping: /nbody_graphics_poll_period
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: nbody_graphics_float_speed
Skipping: 5
Skipping: /nbody_graphics_float_speed
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: nbody_graphics_textured_point_size
Skipping: 250
Skipping: /nbody_graphics_textured_point_size
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: nbody_graphics_point_point_size
Skipping: 40
Skipping: /nbody_graphics_point_point_size
BOINC GPU type suggests using OpenCL vendor 'Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.'
Error loading Lua script 'astronomy_parameters.txt': [string "number_parameters: 4..."]:1: '<name>' expected near '4'
Error reading astronomy parameters from file 'astronomy_parameters.txt'
Trying old parameters file
Using SSE4.1 path
Found 1 platform
Platform 0 information:
Name: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
Version: OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1016.4)
Vendor: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Extensions: cl_khr_icd cl_amd_event_callback cl_amd_offline_devices cl_khr_d3d10_sharing cl_khr_d3d11_sharing cl_khr_dx9_media_sharing
Using device 0 on platform 0
Found 2 CL devices
Device 'Tahiti' (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.:0x1002) (CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU)
Driver version: 1016.4 (VM)
Version: OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1016.4)
Compute capability: 0.0
Max compute units: 32
Clock frequency: 925 Mhz
Global mem size: 2147483648
Local mem size: 32768
Max const buf size: 65536
Double extension: cl_khr_fp64
Build log:
7) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Requirements [OLD] (Message 42570)
Posted 5 Oct 2010 by ProfileCruncher Pete
I am wondering what is wrong since there has been no announcement of any change. I have been using ATI 5870 and 5890 cards with no problems, crunching with GPU only. Suddenly all my cache ran dry and I am not getting any new work, yet the Server status indicate there is plenty of work.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Creating/Editing Profile (Message 34986)
Posted 31 Dec 2009 by ProfileCruncher Pete
Thanks for looking into it Travis.

Just confirming that today I again tried creating a profile and following save it confirmed that the details are added to the database. On clicking View Profile on the same menu however says: "This member has no profile."
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Creating/Editing Profile (Message 34943)
Posted 31 Dec 2009 by ProfileCruncher Pete
Having created a profile, it is confirmed as entered in the database however the menu is not updated and still says Create instead of View Profile.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : server crash (July 29) (Message 28551)
Posted 29 Jul 2009 by ProfileCruncher Pete
Rerunning the stats did not fix it, I am -39,785. I guess, I am not on my own. Hopefully it will be fixed as that is a days work lost here.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : I think you made your point !! (Message 5498)
Posted 17 Oct 2008 by ProfileCruncher Pete

In any case, it has become very obvious that the three of you are miffed because your positions in the standings have dropped. They have only dropped by 1 or 2 spots more than they already would have dropped / will be dropping, given the fact that other participants behind you appear to have more raw processing power than you do without any code optimization to cloud the issue.

Brian Silver, why do you find it so necessary to antagonize other people and goad them into an argument. What you said above is totally irrelevant to the thread and it seems you are deliberately flaming for us to argue. I do not want to argue with anybody. I made a clear statement of my feelings that I disapprove of the method used by Milsop for it is my beliefe that he is holding Milkyway at ransome. Clearly he stated that unless MW improves the code he will continue the campaign, that to me is a threat. I say again, enough of this already. It has been going on for 10 days. I only made one statement that I disapprove of this method, yet in your reply, you questioned my level of litteracy, my political persvation and insulted my team. I suppose you will continue this attack and question my religion, and my gender as well. As regard your statement above, again, you are looking for an argument. For your information I stopped crunching MW full time months ago when I realised that it is futile to crunch against people who can produce results 10 times as high as the rest of the world. I suspected something is wrong there but I just bowered out without saying anything and chose another project to crunch.

Trevis the project developer, tester and scientist asked 10 days ago that if you find code thats inefficient or outright wrong than let them know instead of attacking the project and what they are trying to do. I suggest you and milsopp continue your efforts in a positive manner instead of attacking anybody who happen to disagree with your methods. Drop this thread and return to a positive input in the 'Source Code Improvement' thread. Your hostile and insulting attitude towards me just because I dared to disagree with the methods used is not welcome by me.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : I think you made your point !! (Message 5486)
Posted 16 Oct 2008 by ProfileCruncher Pete
It would be far easier the improvements described in the code discussion forum get implemented and rolled out as the standard app by this project. It would end the whole discussion quite fast ;)

Milksop at try, I am amazed how on earth are you allowed to continue to post messages that are hostile and insulting. In essence you have hijacked the project and are demanding that the management implement your optimized code. You might well be good at coding and you might well be right, but is this the right way of doing it? I do not believe that you are entitled to your claim of having made so many millions of points and made number one in the world. You might well be competing against yourself for we are not in th same playing field and you are not playing the game fair. By your own admission you created a so called better code that you are not prepared to share with us, therefore you are not entitled to claim the points you earned and if you were a fair man, you would ask Milkyway to cancel your points to give those volunteers who have not got the same acedemic qualifications to create their own code a feeling of personal gratification and a feeling of achievemnet. You have denied those people that chance. Back off and discuss your findings directly with the management of MIlkyway, work with them instead against them...Give us a fair go.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : updated granted credit (Message 2649)
Posted 24 Mar 2008 by ProfileCruncher Pete
As the number one cruncher in this project (until a few hours ago) let ne say this. I chose to allocate ny resources to this project from the beginning because I liked it and not because how much credits I could get from it. Having said that I am disappointed in the tendency in not just this but other projects to lower the credit ratio or increase the time it takes to complete a WU. As volunteers we all have a choice as to which projects we are going to follow. Some of us chose a project because of its scientific value others because they like the chase, they like the challange or in deed try their best with whatever their resources are to improve their teams standing like safety in numbers. Since it costs us a considerable amount to run our stations the choice as to what projects we are going to run is determined by the points we get for our efforts. Let the market determine this number and not us. If MilkyWay is determined to give the lowest score than as it is already happening a lot of valued crunchers will go elswhere. I do not see the reason for change...
14) Questions and Answers : Wish list : 20 WU per core - not per host (Message 1542)
Posted 20 Jan 2008 by ProfileCruncher Pete
I agree entirely with Webmaster Yoda and Meshmar. This is emphasized more with our time difference around the world. In my case in Australia if a WU is stuck the machine will continue to work the other 16units and will stop as no more work units are available. As it is in the middle of our night I can not physically check and manually adjust thereby loosing many hours of computer time.
If the WU's were increased at least our machines could crunch on until all units completed and the server is back functioning normal...
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Exported Server Stats Errors (Message 409)
Posted 11 Nov 2007 by ProfileCruncher Pete
I am not sure if this is a project error or a BAM error. Milkyway@home appeared in BOINCStats BAM two days ago but no stats since than. BAM reports: User ID doesn't exist in Milkyway @home or doesn't have any credits.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : stats update (Message 304)
Posted 10 Nov 2007 by ProfileCruncher Pete
i believe i've also configured the server to update statistics every 6 hours, so hopefully you should all see them update more frequently

My apologies for this question as I am a relative newbie to BOINC. Where and how do I read these stats. My clients are managed by BOINCstats BAM but I do not see this project listed in the available projects. Do I need to do something at my end or in time this will happen auto magically?
17) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Any Requests? (Message 244)
Posted 8 Nov 2007 by ProfileCruncher Pete
If you would like something done or changed, could you post it here. I know I've responded to some of you, but it will be easier if all the requests are made here, that way I have one place to look to make sure I'm covering all of your requests! Thanks!!

I do not see Milkyway as a project on the BOINC site. Is this on the To Do List?

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