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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Marked as Invalid? (Part 2) (Message 38287)
Posted 7 Apr 2010 by Roger Vanderseypen [NTT_BE]
Speaking of rudeness: personally I think it's a little rude to be making godlike proclamations about the value of various projects, when none of us knows the ultimate value of mathematics or base level versus applied science. Make the decision for yourself but don't try to foist it on the rest of us. Scientific advancement quite often follows a non-obvious path.


sorry, that's why i said "i believe" i didn't took that as a fact, and as far as i haven't received any proof of the contrary, i am not yet convienced directly, indirectly it might be possible that these mathematic calculations end up to be usefull in some way,
luckely one doesn't get shot yet for what he believes in :):)

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Marked as Invalid? (Part 2) (Message 38210)
Posted 6 Apr 2010 by Roger Vanderseypen [NTT_BE]
some are trying to use the menace of going over to other projects, :):)

hey everybody does what he want, just i do not find it appropriate to put this into a message board, just don't get rid of frustrations, because it isn't running perfect. nobody is forcing nobody, it is volunteers work.

some have forgotten this i believe.

just trying to show that if you moderate, and give some hints or clues, it might help one way or the other everybody.

especially for milkyway some of my team members have returned their HD5770 card to the distributor, and ordered a new 5870 directly form the US, coming over with relatives in a couple of weeks.
all of this because of double precision calculation only handled by the 48 or 58 cards, and because there more of a global humanity interest than in some other projects (with breaking down other projects, that might have a good cause in science but maybe not to humanity).

i just hope everybody keeps his integrity and respect for others.

one small belgian guy, that is willing to donate and motivate a lot of people into projects like milkyway, World community grid and a lot of other projects.

:): hope i won't get shot for that

please bear in mind, that written statements might be interpreted differently, you might not get the same response or actions you intended to get :):)

i can speak out of experience, and lost some friendship, because of 1 sms message that was misinterpreted and the other person was having to much of pressure and a bad mood. :):)

so no offense to anyone.

my regards,

founder of Peformance with Purpose.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Marked as Invalid? (Part 2) (Message 38204)
Posted 6 Apr 2010 by Roger Vanderseypen [NTT_BE]
i do not believe that loosing temper would cause any good here, think about these guys that are trying to optimize the codes so that those only interested in chrunching for numbers instead of for science would be able to chrunch faster.

as far as i noticed, some are trying to use the psychology of menace, it will not help, unless having your profile excluded because inappropriate and without respect.

i do not mind putting my 48 or my teams 58 to the benefit of milkyway, as they are the only ones that are able to optimize seriously (and i take my hat of for that) the code of their project, only in benefit for science.

if it was for chrunching credits only and don't care about science, you might aswell go to collatz, they give you credits for a calculation that as far as i know, doesn't serve humanity in it whole.

i do agree, that a warning button, or special code should indicate the project and it's status (kind of feedback of the IT masters on this case). so that the people don't feel like left on their own.

a selection on the site that you agree to do calculations on beta versions of the code should help too, if you where your getting into no reason to discuss and be rude.

with this in respect of religion, culture and nationality of all human and living creator, i remain, with respect for those that make it possible to have the improved code running smoothly.

- kind of stupid, but it might be helpful to increase the duration of the working-units, with checkpoints every 3 min for example. it would release your server a lot. say 1 work unit of 1 hour, would then give about over 4000 credits.
- in our company , and even friends at home are even experiencing weird trouble with a variety of programs since this week, going form trying to print (most of driver problems, but could very well be related to updated Microsoft patch that aren't behaving conveniently between all programs and therefore affect print and graphics drivers. (might be interesting to know)

Ps2: no i have no IT degree, just a passion for IT and Science.


Founder of Performance with Purpose

4) Message boards : Number crunching : astronomie_0.19_SSSE3.exe or astronomy_0.20SSE3.exe (Message 37515)
Posted 18 Mar 2010 by Roger Vanderseypen [NTT_BE]
perhaps checking "messages" possible your card doesn't support double pressision,
or that you have the CPU project running instead of the ati13ati13 GPU projects,

go to preferences and select only GPU projects, next time, you get new jobs you get the gpu then.

faudra controller les messages, car possible que la carte ne supporte pas double presission calculations
possible aussi que tu a un job qui tourne sur CPU de milkyway, alors faudra y allez sur les preferences et cochez que les GPU calculations. la prochaine fois il ne prendre plus les CPU alors.


5) Message boards : Number crunching : astronomie_0.19_SSSE3.exe or astronomy_0.20SSE3.exe (Message 37514)
Posted 18 Mar 2010 by Roger Vanderseypen [NTT_BE]
i have 4 projects running and milkyway as 5th, so might be another issue there,


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