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1) Message boards : News : New Team Creation Requirement (1 Credit Awarded) (Message 66955)
Posted 11 Jan 2018 by ProfileJoses
Read information on project honeypot, checkout blacklists and also whitelists, maybe look at spamhaus (eg, this project isn't for commercial purposes is it?). Have a robots.txt file and see what's used or abused. If you log webhits, some info is useful, for example check the 404 hits. Run a spell check, some have a blacklist. Automate whatever you can, because the quicker it's taken down, the better for everyone.
As part of *.edu, you may already have resources available upstream in the IT department(s) for rpi.edu, would be worth asking.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Does this work with grsec (linux)? (Message 66154)
Posted 2 Feb 2017 by ProfileJoses
I would recommend compiling BOINC for your machine. I'm recently transitioning to an updated linux (Mageia1), and I note the precompiled binaries may not necessarily be compatible - eg: trying to run the BIONC (website) Ubuntu binary on a Fedora Core OS.

Also, reading the latest Fedora bugs for BOINC, seems it isn't happy with the latest releases as it breaks a few requirements for selinux - so I've noted trying to get this to run as a cron job will take more than simply adding it to cron bootup, but also looking at the selinux rules.

...for the moment, I'm starting it manually (but would prefer having it in cron).
3) Message boards : Number crunching : New Benchmark Thread - times wanted for any hardware, CPU or GPU, old or new! (Message 66153)
Posted 2 Feb 2017 by ProfileJoses
I have not set this up as a 'nice' cron job yet, so this is currently running at a user 'nice' level of 100%. Seems to average around 70% to 95% of CPU use.
Fedora Core 25, stock Dell Precision 390 - no GPUs
Running between 70 to 90% of CPU
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6700 @ 2.66GHz [Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6]
Linux, 4.9.5-200.fc25.i686
boinc: 7.6.22

Numbers below were running two at a time, 1 per CPU core.

1955052971 1420541770 718326 31 Jan 2017, 1:02:11 UTC 2 Feb 2017, 22:57:51 UTC Completed and validated 6395.83 4762.3 133.66 MilkyWay@Home v1.40
1955052975 1420564855 718326 31 Jan 2017, 1:02:11 UTC 2 Feb 2017, 20:09:28 UTC Completed and validated 7674.7 4758.43 133.66 MilkyWay@Home v1.40
1955052978 1420578011 718326 31 Jan 2017, 1:02:11 UTC 2 Feb 2017, 22:57:51 UTC Completed and validated 6421.73 4768.28 133.66 MilkyWay@Home v1.40
1955052979 1420578070 718326 31 Jan 2017, 1:02:11 UTC 2 Feb 2017, 21:38:36 UTC Completed and validated 6971.88 4879 133.66 MilkyWay@Home v1.40
1955053015 1420599137 718326 31 Jan 2017, 1:02:11 UTC 2 Feb 2017, 21:38:36 UTC Completed, validation inconclusive 6657.22 4745.91 pending MilkyWay@Home v1.40
4) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (Message 54225)
Posted 28 Apr 2012 by ProfileJoses
I recall reading some other users just run in winter when they need heat since electricity is relatively expensive in their region (or their budget), and since heat comes from WATTs burned, it doesn't matter if your heat comes from a stove, lamp, electric heater, or a computer.

Welcome back...
...for more fish....and please... no Vogan Poetry thank you.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Merging computers? (Message 51940)
Posted 12 Dec 2011 by ProfileJoses
I tend to try-out alpha and beta code sometimes, and happened to have one computer run in one partition, then another, then back again, but when attempting to merge the boinc results, I notice that I can't seem to merge the results of one computer, which ran two operating system versions.

At first, I thought it was simply due to naming, such as caps and lowercase: drivec, DRIVEC

but now, looking at additional info provided (improved server program I guess), there is more info to look at... called overlapping lifetimes.

Would it be able to force a merge on such a combination?
Would that be something worth improving on the server-side?
6) Message boards : News : Screensaver Demo (Message 41272)
Posted 4 Aug 2010 by ProfileJoses

That is amazing, and I agree, it will likely add interested users just because you have an interesting "eye-candy" screen saver which more or less shows what milkyway is doing (in a pictorial sense - pictures are worth 1000 words).
7) Message boards : News : MilkyWay@home screensaver coming soon (Message 40467)
Posted 17 Jun 2010 by ProfileJoses
Pictures are interesting, but for a user like myself, don't really understand what the wedges are. I'm guessing #1 is a wedge of space as seen from earth, thin at the centre and wide (rectangle) on the rim, and not like a cheese wedge, where it's just as thick at the centre as it is on the rim. Meanwhile, #2 is the wedge rectangle view as seen as from earth, and not like the cheese wedge seeing the rectangle from centre of circle to edge of circle.

Picture 2 might be interesting to see the initial picture, and the picture as it progresses, for example rectangles (original "above", progressing "below").

Have you looked at Einstein @ home? it has an interesting idea of showing where it's doing calculations in the sky, but it is only one view, while yours sounds very ambitious with 3 views in it.
8) Message boards : News : MilkyWay@home screensaver coming soon (Message 40407)
Posted 15 Jun 2010 by ProfileJoses
When TV was created, they determined that people only managed 24 frames per second, and that was bumped-up to 30fps. Old TV signals overlap 2 frames at 60 fps.

LCD monitors are based on liquid, so you can't really get much more than 30fps either.

In summary, you don't really need to worry about getting much beyond 30fps, but if you have already done so, that's great. That was also smart thinking to use trig lookup tables to cut calculation costs.

you mentioned you were looking for ideas.
Do you have code to review available somewhere?

I like the idea of toggling/blinking the area being looked at at the moment. It gives an interactive idea of what is getting done at that moment.
9) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : Is it posible that the universe are colapsing at this very moment? (Message 39380)
Posted 2 May 2010 by ProfileJoses
Imagine that the galaxy that wee see travelling at the speed of light relative to us now travelling towards us then we will only see the back light so to speak but the front light will we not see until we actually collide.

Or in other words we will observe an expanding universe right to the time when we collide.

Have you ever noticed a train approaching sounds a bit louder, and the whistle sounds a bit higher in pitch, while a train leaving sounds a little quieter and the whistle sounds a bit lower in pitch. This is only at the speed of sound. If a plane is travelling faster than the speed of sound, you won't hear it until the sonic boom shock wave arrives.

If you put the same ideas towards light, if something was travelling towards us (very fast - closer to the speed of light), you would probably notice it is brighter, and activity would appear a bit faster too since light leaving the source would have less distance to travel compared to the "old light" which travelled from further back. If something was travelling faster than light, then it would catch-up on the light emitted and absorb that light, so to us, this would probably look like a black hole since whatever light tried to come this way wouldn't be fast enough to get ahead for us to see the light.

If everything was collapsing faster than the speed of light, then the entire sky would appear dark.

...but this is only a quick guess. If what you suggest is true, there isn't anything we could do about it, I don't think you need to worry about this, the shock wave would be spectacular, not even our Sun would have enough energy to stop the collision.

...but this is only a quick guess.
10) Message boards : News : testing new application (milkyway3) (Message 39210)
Posted 27 Apr 2010 by ProfileJoses
Aborted last night, it was at about 110 hours done and 209 hours to go. All other tasks were put as suspended, so it was the only task running.

I think I'm running one of the more normal tasks right now, but even though the other tasks are suspended, BOINC appears to do a call to the other application URLs for any status checks or something, then I see that BOINC restarts this MW task again, so this may be one reason why I hadn't progressed much beyond 200 hours yet to do.
11) Message boards : News : milkyway3 v0.04 source released (Message 39162)
Posted 26 Apr 2010 by ProfileJoses
Started looking at the code, and the more I looked at it, the more I decided to send-in some code mods (call them suggestions).

I've just sent several mods to Travis - hope the email address is correct... :-)
12) Message boards : News : testing new application (milkyway3) (Message 39108)
Posted 24 Apr 2010 by ProfileJoses
Well, I was expecting MW milkyway3_0.01_.... to be finished sometime today, therefore called up boinc manager to see results and it died. the command-line prompt spewed out a lot of complaints....
*** glibc detected *** ./boincmgr: double free or corruption (out): 0xadc00468 ***
======= Backtrace: =========
======= Memory map: ========
08048000-086a9000 r-xp 00000000 08:07 120154     /opt/BOINC/boincmgr
086a9000-086c3000 rw-p 00661000 08:07 120154     /opt/BOINC/boincmgr
086c3000-086d5000 rw-p 00000000 00:00 0
09d3c000-09f72000 rw-p 00000000 00:00 0          [heap]
adc00000-adc21000 rw-p 00000000 00:00 0
adc21000-add00000 ---p 00000000 00:00 0

...that was just a snippet and there was more stuff after that.
If anyone thinks that these error messages on the command line are useful, I could zip it and send it to someone. Just let me know where to send it.

Tried calling boinc manager again, now see that the MW started crunching again 3 hours ago. I told boinc not to fetch any more code, so I'm guessing MW died and is now getting crunched again. Time done now is 82hr and now got 221hr to do before Apr 29th. My guess is I'm crunching the same data again.

If Travis is going to release 0.04 soon, I'm guessing there is nothing useful in this task 3.0.01 now so I'll probably abort the task later tonight unless someone mentions keep it going.

13) Message boards : News : testing new application (milkyway3) (Message 39096)
Posted 24 Apr 2010 by ProfileJoses
I don't tend to leave the computer running 24x7, but for this particular 115hr WU, thought it best to let it run until completion so that you've got some results before time-out, therefore I'm leaving it on. It's now currently at 73hr done, 36hr to do, so the revised total time is more like 109hr. Still at "high priority" but I think it might just make it in time for the 27th deadline.

I think there might be some problem with the windows binaries that's causing this. It's not really how they're expected to run.

It might just be that the estimated time is off (if the progress is off).

It's been mentioned before when you switch from application to application and it may be closer related to BOINC instead of your estimates. the way I understand it is that BOINC computes an estimate for one science project, and a similar calculation method for another. however, since I'm still seeing a largish 100+ hours, I think BOINC may have given a good estimate by my guess.

On a slight tangent (more work on your end)... I've heard about optimized apps, but I hope you could take advantage of mixed binary compilation since the intel compiler optimizes for the intel, but not so well for competing CPUs like the AMDs....so us AMD CPU users are left at disappointing results. If you know what mixed binaries are it could be something like...

compileIntel general_code.c -> general_code.obj
compileIntel important_rtns.c -> important_rtns1.obj -optimized_for_intel
compileAMD important_rtns.c -> important_rtns2.obj -optimized_for_amds
link general_code.obj+important_rtns1.obj+important_rtns2.obj -> main.exe

I know I'm oversimplifying this above, but it lets us normal users running boinc without optimizing manually enjoy some optimization benefits.

Anyways, guess we'll see if this old sempron makes it in time - with good results.
14) Message boards : News : testing new application (milkyway3) (Message 39000)
Posted 22 Apr 2010 by ProfileJoses
Well, decided to allow another milkyway WU to be crunched through. This WU is massive at 115 estimated hours to crunch.

I'm currently running Mandriva 2010.1 beta so I tend to see a lot of patching and updates in the beta stage. Some patches require restarts, while others require only logouts/logins.

What I've noticed is that before I shut down this last time, I had 23hours done and 102hours to go. did a reboot due to the last patch, took a look and I see I'm back again at the initial value of 115 hours to go again (23 hours done).

My opinion is this 3.0 workunit is not desktop friendly because users are likely going to shut down their computers at night and start up the next day, which means that with checkpoints this far apart, I don't think the average desktop user is going to accomplish a workunit (sempron 2+GHz machine with only a basic built-in graphics card).

At 115hours to be done before Apr29th, this looks like something you would run on a server that's waiting for something to do 24x7, not a desktop that is only run sporadicly when needed.

Another thing to consider is if the average default boinc setup is set to switch every 1 hour between science projects, then we have a problem with this app if it is going to reset back if the save points are too far apart.

(right now this computer is set to change projects after 4000+ minutes due to the out of ordinary save points for cosmos, so I don't know if that is affecting milkyway's savepoints).
15) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Word Link V (Message 37297)
Posted 13 Mar 2010 by ProfileJoses
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Cant merge my Hosts after install Win7 (Message 37296)
Posted 13 Mar 2010 by ProfileJoses
Similar issue.
Updated linux with a fresh install but changed host name from DRIVEC to drivec so now got a phantom machine.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : de_14_3s_free_5... shows no progress on 0.20 CPU client (Message 37295)
Posted 13 Mar 2010 by ProfileJoses
Looks bizarre!
I occasionally crunch a cosmology unit but those things are massive with few save-points, so I got to stop everything else so that those things crunch in one pass.

Turned Milkyway back on again now that I got past another large Cosmology unit, and wow... 1 minute each and results as "Completed, marked as invalid".

Seems each project has it's different requirements.
Seti has long-range requirement that can wait until mid april - therefore no rush.
Einstien appears also friendly to smaller/slower desktops too.
Milkyway needs results rather fast, so keeps bumping the slower projects that can wait longer.
Cosmology is massive with few save-points, so got to run them in one shot.

I notice there is something mentioned about scripts refusing WUs and I hope that is about some other subject, and not simply me telling BOINC to please not pick-up the next WU since I'd like to crunch a share of other projects....

Seems like whatever that was, was just a 15 minute blip and not a normal thing (now that I see a somewhat normal unit again --- Dohhh!!! it's another high priority WU again).
18) Message boards : News : Visualization/Screensaver Work (Message 37294)
Posted 13 Mar 2010 by ProfileJoses
Welcome aboard Eric!
I like the idea of what we see now, then zoom out to an outside view of the milkyway/galaxy, point where we are, location that's currently getting calculated.

Try to avoid static pictures since that defeats the purpose of a screensaver.

You could have a table of major markers (similar to Einstien's globe), and the whole thing fits in a fractional integer table. Fractional integer math is not that labour intensive for a CPU (for people all concerned about taking-away crunching from their GPUs). ...besides, the point is to attract people into the project since the many will still do more than the few with fast GPUs).

If you're up to the challenge of getting a linux screensaver up, that would be excellent (you'd probably need to base it on the older X-screensavers to be cross-compatible across different desktops). I think I also saw some basic KDE examples somewhere too.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Won't finish in time (Message 28356)
Posted 25 Jul 2009 by ProfileJoses
Currently see s_s222_3s_01_137503_1248305261_0 trying to accomplish the impossible.

4.31.31 hrs completed, 87.155% done, and 5.45:36 hours to go.

Interestingly, when I began the BOINC manager to see how things were, BOINC indicated 15 hours to go, so the % done doesn't seem to correlate with the time.

Would it be possible to extend the deadlines? A few days just is too short unless you run a server or plan on running a desktop 24x7, and BOINC was really made to make use of spare CPU cycles, so as a desktop, the time seems too short.


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